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Thio Acetamide

CAS:62-55-5 Product spec:99%
Cas No: 62-55-5 Purity: 99% Appearance: Off-white to light yellow crystalline powder Molecular formula: C2H5NS Molecular weight: 75.13 Application: Catalysts and stablizers Origin: China
Post Time:[2022-10-11 ]Jostrong Tianjin Technology Co Ltd

Biocide MBM N, N'-Dimorpholinomethane

CAS:5625-90-1 Product spec:MF:  C9H18N2O2
Purity of Active Content     92% Appearance                  Colorless liquid If you need TDS & MSDS for this product, please contact us by
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

tricarboxylic acid corrosion inhibitor

CAS:80584-91-4 Product spec:eco-freindly corrosion inhibitor for water based cutting fluid
Appearance: white solid powder or graules containing about 50% water 2,4,6,- Tri-(6-aminocaproic acid)-1,3,5-triazine
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

Triazine Biocide BK for Oil Fields

CAS:4719-04-4 Product spec:purity 76%
Biocide BK Cas 4719-04-4 1,3,5-triazine-1,3,5(2h,4h,6h)-triethanol Biocide Triazine BK Cas 4719-04-4 Purity 76% ~ 78% Oilfied chemicals biocide BK is widely used in paper making industry, oil f..
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD


CAS:29385-43-1 Product spec:TTA 99.5%min
Tolyltriazole Tolyltriazole Molecular formula: C7H7N3 CAS No. 29385-43-1 Synonyms: TTA; Methylbenzotriazole; Tolyltriazole; Tolyltriazole Specification: Items Index Appearance Whit..
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

1,3,5-triazine-1,3,5(2h,4h,6h)-triethanol BK

CAS:4719-04-4 Product spec:Purity 76% ~ 78%
1,3,5-triazine-1,3,5(2h,4h,6h)-triethanol BK MF C9H21N3O3 EINECS No. 225-208-0 1st, 1.CAS No.: 4719-04-4 2. Purity 76% ~ 78% 3.Use in Paper, Coating, Anti-corrosive, metalw..
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

Benzotriazole 1,2,3-BENZOTRIAZOLE

CAS:95-14-7 Product spec:99.5%min
Benzotriazole 1,2,3-BENZOTRIAZOLE Molecular formula: C6H5N3 CAS No. 95-14-7 Synonyms: Benzotriazole ; BTA Specification: ITEM STANDARD Appearance white needle , fine granular,flake..
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

H2S scavenger for crude oil

CAS:4719-04-4 Product spec:40%~78% purity
H2S scavenger is a scavenger of hydrogen sulfide for high efficiency alcohols. H2S scavenger is very effective in removing hydrogen sulfide from natural gas, crude oil or waste water. H2S scavenger is..
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

Supply high quality Polyquaternium 42

CAS:31512-74-0 Product spec:busan 77, Polyquaternium
Supply high quality Polyquaternium 42 Product Name:Polyquaternium 42 Synonyms: Poly(oxyethylene(dimethyliminio)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride);POLY [OXYETHYLENE(DIM ETHYLIMINO)ETHYL ENE..
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

33% triethylenediamine (TEDA)

CAS: Product spec:33%TEDA
A-33 is a liquid catalyst containing 33% triethylenediamine (TEDA). This highly active tertiary amine catalyst promotes the reaction between isocyanate and polyol and crosslinks the foam. And give fle..
Post Time:[2022-02-24 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD
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