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Surface active agent
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tricarboxylic acid corrosion inhibitor

CAS:80584-91-4 Product spec:eco-freindly corrosion inhibitor for water based cutting fluid
Appearance: white solid powder or graules containing about 50% water 2,4,6,- Tri-(6-aminocaproic acid)-1,3,5-triazine
Post Time:[2019-10-15 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

Biocide MBM N, N'-Dimorpholinomethane

CAS:5625-90-1 Product spec:MF:  C9H18N2O2
Purity of Active Content     92% Appearance                  Colorless liquid If you need TDS & MSDS for this product, please contact us by
Post Time:[2019-10-15 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

Dicyclohexyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate DS-196

CAS:23386-52-9 Product spec:37%-39%
Type: Anionic Name: Dicyclohexyl sulfo succinate sodiumsalt CAS NO: 23386-52-9 Characteristics 1. Good dispersing and exhibiting high electrolyte tolerance. 2. There be will the w..
Post Time:[2018-10-17 ]Guangzhou Dosen Chemical Co., Ltd

Sodium Dihexyl Sulfosuccinate DS-80

CAS:2373-38-8 Product spec:80
Type: succinic acid salts INCI Name: Sodium Dihexyl Sulfosuccinate; sodium 1,4-bis(1,3-dimethylbutyl) sulphonatosuccinate Characteristics DS-80 is an anionic surfactant and emulsifyin..
Post Time:[2018-10-17 ]Guangzhou Dosen Chemical Co., Ltd


CAS:9051-57-4 Product spec:50
Type: Anionic INCI Name: Ammonium Nonoxynol-4 Sulfate Other name: AMMONIUM NONYLPHENOL ETHER SULFATE CAS NO: 9051-57-4 Characteristics CO-436 is an anionic surfactant. Used as the emulsifi..
Post Time:[2018-10-17 ]Guangzhou Dosen Chemical Co., Ltd

A 103 Surfactant DS-310

CAS:9040-38-4 Product spec:20
CAS No 9040-38-4 INCI Name Disodium Nonylphenyl Polyoxyethylene(10) Ether Surfosuccinate PRODUCT FEATURES 1.Mild anionic surfactant. 2. Good combining with other surfactant, and reduce irritati..
Post Time:[2018-10-17 ]Guangzhou Dosen Chemical Co., Ltd

Rust Inhibitor L190 Replacer

CAS:80584-91-4 Product spec:rust inhibitor for cutting fluid,basf L190 r
- Does not form resinous films or gums on metals  - Offers an extremely low foaming tendency and an excellent air release     - Good biodegradability  - Compatible with hard water   - Fsail 3190 m..
Post Time:[2018-04-27 ]Luoyang Greensail Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

rust inhibitor 65% purity L190 plus

CAS:80584-91-4 Product spec:65%
Our Factory can produce 50% TC50, 65% L190plus and 85% L190 plus. Welcome to contact us!
Post Time:[2018-04-27 ]Luoyang Greensail Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Corrosion Inhibitor Becrosan 2128

CAS:78521-39-8 Product spec:75%
Our Factory can produce 75% active content Becrosan 2128. It is very effective corrosion inhibition for ferrous metals, cast iron, ferrous alloys at a pH value of  8.5 - Odorless, Easy handli..
Post Time:[2018-04-27 ]Luoyang Greensail Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

water soluble metal deactivator Usail 7042

CAS:88477-37-6 Product spec:75%
Usail 7042 CAS NO 88477-37-6, 100% analogue of Irgamet 42.
Post Time:[2018-04-27 ]Luoyang Greensail Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
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