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Triazine Biocide BK for Oil Fields

CAS:4719-04-4 Product spec:purity 76%
Biocide BK Cas 4719-04-4 1,3,5-triazine-1,3,5(2h,4h,6h)-triethanol Biocide Triazine BK Cas 4719-04-4 Purity 76% ~ 78% Oilfied chemicals biocide BK is widely used in paper making industry, oil f..
Post Time:[2019-10-15 ]Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

Sebacic acid

CAS:111-20-6 Product spec:DECANEDIOIC ACID
Scale Chemical Corporation is a professional chemicals supplier, exporting bulk chemical materials around the world, especially Europe and America, with good quality, competitive price, fast supply an..
Post Time:[2019-09-16 ]Scale Chemical Corporation

Phosphorous Acid

CAS:13598-36-2 Product spec:99% Phosphorous Acid
Molecular Formula: H3PO3 UN No.: 2834 Molecular Weight: 82.00 CAS No.:13598-36-1 or 10294-56-1 Properties: Pure product is white crystals, specific gravity 1.651(21.2°C). M.P. 73.6°C, B.P. 200°C...
Post Time:[2019-09-16 ]Scale Chemical Corporation


CAS:84-51-5 Product spec:2-EAQ manufacture
Deion Product Name: 2-Ethyl anthraquinone Synonyms: Ethylanthraquinone;USAF so-1;usafso-1;2-ETHYLANTHRAQUINONE;2-ETHYL ANTHROQUINONE;2-Ethyl-9,10-anthracenedione;TIMTEC-BB SBB008818;Ethylanthraq..
Post Time:[2019-09-16 ]Scale Chemical Corporation

chlorinated paraffin-70

CAS:63449-39-8 Product spec:CP70%
Chlorinated paraffin 70% is white or light yellow resin-type solid. Average molecular formula is C25H30Cl22, average molecular weight is 1060-1100. CAS No.: 63449-39-8. It is excellent additive type f..
Post Time:[2018-06-04 ]QingDao Collect Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC)

CAS:9004-32-4 Product spec:industry grade, oil grade
Products Indicators Grades Model No. Main technical indicators Degree of Substitution ≥(D.S) Purity≥ Loss on drying ≤(%) Viscosity (mpa.s) PH (25ºC) Moisture ≤(%) Oil Grade CMC-LVT 0...
Post Time:[2016-08-23 ]Baoding Huarui Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC)

CAS:9004-32-4 Product spec:industry grade, oil grade
Products Indicators Grades Model No. The main technical indicators Degree of Substitution ≥(D.S) Purity ≥ Loss on drying≤(ml) Apparent viscosity (mpa.s) PH (25ºC) Moisture ≤(%) Oil grades ..
Post Time:[2016-08-23 ]Baoding Huarui Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

CAS:9004-65-3 Product spec:construction grade
Products Indicators Quality Standard Model No. Indicator Item JL60 JL65 JL75 Methoxy group 28-30%; 27-30% 19-24% Hydroxyl propyl 7-12% 4-7.5% 4-12% Gelation temperatureºC 58-64 62-68 70-90 ..
Post Time:[2016-08-23 ]Baoding Huarui Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Photoinitiator 819

CAS:162881-26-7 Product spec:Photoinitiator
Product Photoinitiator 819 Chemical name phenyl bis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)-phosphine oxide Molecular formula C26H27O3P CAS No. 162881-26-7 Structure formula Quality indicators Appearance Pa..
Post Time:[2015-06-05 ]baoding glorious

Photoinitiator 784

CAS:125051-32-3 Product spec:Photoinitiator
Photoinitiator 784 CAS No:125051-32-3 Formula: C30H22N2F4Ti Formula Weight: 534.37 Chemical Structure: Bis(cyclopentadienyl)bis[2,6-difluoro-3-(1-pyrryl)phenyl]titanium Appearance: Yellow to O..
Post Time:[2015-06-05 ]baoding glorious
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