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Triazine carboxylic acid 85 %

CAS:80584-91-4 Product spec:rust inhibitor for cutting fluid,basf L190
Luoyang Fansun is the main manufacturer of Triazine carboxylic acid in China. We have 50%, 65% & 85% active contents for your choice. Welcome to contact with us!
Post Time:[2018-05-14 ]Luoyang Greensail Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors Fsail 3190

CAS:80584-91-4 Product spec:Organic polycarboxylic acid
Appearance White wet cake containing about 50% water Organic polycarboxylic acid We also can supply 65%, 85% & 99% active content L190 r. Welcome to contact us!
Post Time:[2018-04-27 ]Luoyang Greensail Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

AMP-95 r

CAS: Product spec:MFA Multifunctional Additive
MFA is a multifunctional additive, offering powerful acid neutralization and pH development capabilities along with improved wetting and dispersing abilities of dispersants. These favorable multifu..
Post Time:[2018-04-27 ]Luoyang Greensail Chemicals Co.,Ltd.


CAS:31570-04-4 Product spec:99%
ANTIOXIDANTS ANTIOXIDANT 168 Chemical name: Tris-(2,4 -di-tert-butyl phenyl)phosphite CAS NO.:31570-04-4 Molecular for..

Bezophenone 12 (UV531)

CAS:1843-05-6 Product spec:99%
UV-531(BP-12) Chemical name: 2-hydroxy 4-(octyloxy) CAS NO.:1843-05-6 Molecular formula: C21H26O3 Item Index Appearance Yellow needle crystal..

Benzophenone 3

CAS:131-57-7 Product spec:99%
UV ABSORBERS UV-9 (BP-3) Chemical name:2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone CAS NO.:131-57-7 Molecular for..


CAS:2440-22-4 Product spec:99%
UV ABSORBERS UV-P Chemical name:2-(2-Hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)benzotriazole CAS NO.:2440-22-4 Molecular form..


CAS: Product spec:Slight yellow viscous liquid
UV ABSORBERS UV-1130 (Liquid) Chemical name:Tinuvin-1130 CAS NO: 50% 104810-48-2 38% 104810-47-1 12% 25322-68-3 Apperance: Slight yellow viscous liquid Packing: 25kgdrum Applic..


CAS:25973-55-1 Product spec:99%
UV ABSORBERS UV-328 Chemical name: 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-di-tert-amylphenyl)benzotriazole  CAS NO.:25973-55-1 ..


CAS:3147-75-9 Product spec:99%
UV ABSORBERS UV-329 Chemical name: 2-(2'-HYDROXY-5'-TERT-OCTYLLPHENYL)BENZOTRIAZOLE CAS NO.:3147-75-9 Molecular ..
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