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Polyetheramine HF-T5000

CAS: Product spec:Polyetheramine HF-T5000
HOUFA POLYETHER AMINE T Series products are triamines prepared by reaction of PO with a triol initiator, followed by amination of the terminal hydroxyl groups.Because of its characteristic structure, ..
Post Time:[2021-04-08 ]Hebei Houfa New Materials Co., Ltd

2-Hydroxy-1,4- Naphthoquinone

CAS:83-72-7 Product spec:99.8%
2-Hydroxy-1,4- Naphthoquinone CAS NO.: 83-72-7 Molecular Formula: C10H6O3 2-Hydroxy-1,4 Naphthoquinone is one orange dyes, it belongs to class of naphthoquinone dyes, 2-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone i..

gamma-Butyrolactone GBL

CAS:96-48-0 Product spec:99% purity
whtsapp: +8613383528581 Quick Details ProName:Gamma-Butyrolactone CasNo:96-48-0 Molecular Formula:C4H6O2 Appearance:colorless transparent liquid Application:1.Used in the producti..

1,4-Butanediol BDO

CAS:110-63-4 Product spec:99%
whtsapp:+8613383528581 Quick Details ProName:99.99 % 1, 4 Butanediol Bdo CAS 110-63... CasNo:110-63-4 Molecular Formula:C11H17NO Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid Application:It is a..

tetramisole hcl

CAS:5086-74-8 Product spec:99%
whtsapp: +8613383528581 Quick Details ProName:tetramisole 5036-02-2 Tetramisole hydrochloride Tetramisole hcl 5086-74-8 Molecular Formula:C10H13NO2 Appearance:Powder Application:Pharmaceutica..

levamisole hcl

CAS:16595-80-5 Product spec:995
whtsapp:+8613383528581 sarah(at)roilanddt(dot)com Quick Details ProName:levamisole 14769-73-4 levamisole hcl 16595-80-5 Molecular Formula:C11H12N2S.HCl Appearance:white powder Applicat..


CAS:62-44-2 Product spec:99%
whtsapp:+8613383528581 Quick Details ProName: 99% Pharmaceutical Chemical Anesthetic... CasNo: 62-44-2 Molecular Formula: C10H13NO2 Appearance: white crystalline powder Application: medi..


CAS:137-58-6 Product spec:99%
whtsapp:+8613383528581 sarah(at)roilanddt(dot)com Quick Details ProName: Factory Supply High purity 99% Lidoca... CasNo: 137-58-6 Molecular Formula: C14H25ClN2O2 Appearance: powder Applica..

factory Hypophosphorous acid / HPA H3PO2

CAS:6303-21-5 Product spec:CE
whtsapp:+8613383528581 sarah(at)roilanddt(dot)com 1.Infor CAS NO.:6303-21-5 UN NO.:3264 FORMULA:H3PO2 Molecular Weight :65.99 MELTING POINT:-25 ℃ (Pure H3PO2) BOILING POINT:108 ℃ (Decompo..

Crude glycerine

CAS: Product spec:80%
We are interested in purchasing the crude glycerine, which we have great customers as end users in China, pls do not hesticate to contact us if source is available
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