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liquid crystal monomer CE10 4-((2s)-2-methylbutyl)phenyl 4-pent

CAS:54211-46-0 Product spec:99.8
liquid crystal monomers 4-Cyano-4'-pentylterphenyl 4-[4-(4-pentylphenyl)phenyl]benzonitrile; 5CT CAS NO.54211-46-0 EINECS NO. 259-028-9 5CT liquid crystal CAS NO. 54211-46-0 4'-Heptyl-4-..
Post Time:[2020-09-21 ]Canaanchem industrial Co.,Ltd.

Nematic LC mixtures qypdlc-8

CAS: Product spec:99.8
Nematic LC mixtures qypdlc-8 E-mail: Qingdao QY Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd. is a..
Post Time:[2020-09-21 ]Canaanchem industrial Co.,Ltd.

Hybrid Polyester Resin

CAS:25135-73-3 Product spec:SOLID
Hose Model Rate Acid Value Viscosity (200℃) Tg Curing Temp (15mins) Softening point Character T5088 5050 65-75 1800-2800 ≥53 180 °C 105±5 Indoor use 50 : 50,good comprehensive performance T5088B 505..

Ethyl 3-Ethoxypropionate(EEP SOLVENT)

CAS:763-69-9 Product spec:purity:99.9%
Ethyl 3-Ethoxypropionate(EEP) CAS: 763-69-9 Formula:C7H14O3 HS CODE:2918990090 Hazard Class: UN 3272 3III Main applications 1..

RO membrane antiscalant DhroaPro 150

CAS: Product spec:light yellow liquid
Product features and advantages DhroaPro 150 can be used to control the fouling of membrane separation system and reduce particle clogging. Can control the formation of calcium carbonate, calcium s..
Post Time:[2020-08-06 ]Demih Industry Technology Co.Ltd


CAS:No 98-00-0 Product spec:98%
It is made from furfural by means of catalysis with hydrogen added in. It is colorless to light yellow color, transparent liquid with bitter almond smell and becomes brown light yellow or deep red w..

C5 Hydrocarbon Resin for Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

CAS:64742-6-1 Product spec:S.P100,Color 4#
Deion: TR5100 hydrocarbon resin is a low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbon resin that has been designed for hot melt road marking system. It can enhance the adhesion and hardness of road marking..
Post Time:[2020-08-06 ]Puyang Tennants Chemical Co.,Ltd

Hydrocarbon Resin for Hot Melt Adhesive

CAS:64742-16-1 Product spec:S.P100,Color 4#
TA5100 is hydrocarbon resin which is suitable for hot-melting adhesives, (including quick packaging adhesives,book binding adhesives, wood adhesives and glue sticks, etc.) They have excellent compatib..
Post Time:[2020-08-06 ]Puyang Tennants Chemical Co.,Ltd

Hydrocarbon Resin for Tire Rubbers

CAS:64742-16-1 Product spec:S.P100,Color 5#
TTR5100 is an aliphatic resin widely used in rubber tire.The resin has no aromatic content,and is fully compatible with nature rubber,various kinds of synthetic rubber(SBR,BR,CR,NBR,IIR,EPDM), polyeth..
Post Time:[2020-08-06 ]Puyang Tennants Chemical Co.,Ltd

C5C9 Copolymerized Hydrocarbon Resin

CAS:64742-16-1 Product spec:S.P100,Color 4#
TC100 copolymerized hydrocarbon resin is produced with and fraction, which has and strengths.It can the expensive C5 hydrocarbon resin in hot melt adhesive and rubber tire fields. In rubber tires,..
Post Time:[2020-08-06 ]Puyang Tennants Chemical Co.,Ltd
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