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Organic halogen compounds
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CAS:53-39-4 Product spec:white or almost white crystalline powder
In the past decades, it was used to treat individuals with a variety of anemias, weight loss in HIV patients and was once tried out as treatment for osteoporosis. Today, some physicians do prescribe O..
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Dimethyl formamide

CAS:68-12-2 Product spec:99.9%min
Dimethyl formamide (DMF) as an important chemical raw material and excellent solvent, mainly used in polyurethane, acrylic, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, electronics and other industries. Was..
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1-Phenyl-1-cyclopropanecarboxylic acid

CAS:6120-95-2 Product spec:98%purity
CAS NO:6120-95-2 Catalog No:ZCF00001 Synonyms:1-Phenylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid Molecular Formula:C10H10O2 Molecular Weight:162.19 Purity :98%
Post Time:[2018-04-10 ]

HFC-245fa 1,1,1,3,3-Pentafluoropropane

CAS:460-73-1 Product spec:>99%
HFC-245fa is a great  refrigerant in organic rankin cycle using for low temperature waste heat. Also it can be used in solar power and geothermy. It is the best choice for the waste heat aroud 70-200°..

Hexafluoro-1,3-Butadiene C4F6

CAS:685-63-2 Product spec:99%
Molecular Formula: C4F6 CAS NO.: 685-63-2 EINECS: 211-681-0 Purity: 99% Physical and Chemical Properties Molecular Weight: 162.03 gmol Appearance: Colourless Liquid Gas Melting Point: -132℃ Bo..

Trifluoromethyl iodide CF3I

CAS:2314-97-8 Product spec:99%
CF3I has been considered to be a candidate ment of CF3Br used in aircraft for fuel inerting and for fire fighting . Also it can be used in electronic equipment fires It is used in the rhodium-catalyz..

HFO-1234ze (E), 1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene

CAS:29118-24-9 Product spec:>99%
HFO-1234ze can be widely used for all kinds of air conditioner, refrigerator, central air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. Comparing the similar usage of HFC-134a, our HFO-1234ze has an ultr..

c-HFC-447 1,1,2,2,3,3,4-Heptafluorocyclopentane

CAS:15290-77-4 Product spec:>99%
It is a Fluorinated Solvent. This solvent is inflammable and cause little burden on the environment.

c-HFC-456, 1,1,2,2,3,3-Hexafluorocyclopentane

CAS:123768-18-3 Product spec:>99%
Application: Used to form azeotropic mixtures with methanol, ethanol or other solvents for cleaning

HFC-41, Methyl Fluoride

CAS:593-53-3 Product spec:>99%
Dry etching gas with low GWP in etching process of semiconductor and electronic products.
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