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CAS: Product spec:FR-1890
HALOGEN-FREE FLAME RETARDANT(FR-1890) Appearance: viscous liquid Specifications: P (%) 28min N (%) 13 min Density (gcm3) 1.28(gcm3) Flash point 300℃ min Moisture 0.1% max PH 5.0~7.0 Acid valu..


CAS: Product spec:CU
Flame Retardant CUCT Chemical Name: Cyclic Phosphate Flame Retardant Molecular Structure Formula: Technical index: Item Index CU CT Active Component 100% ..

Silicone RTV Foam

CAS: Product spec:SRF-9300
Features ◆ Curing at room temperature ◆ Low density after curing ◆ Non-corrosive ◆ High and low temperature resistance (-50℃ to 200℃) ◆ Comply with RoHS environmental protection requirements ◆ P..


CAS: Product spec:MICRONIZED
Mono- Pentaerythritol 93-99% min(Micronized) Packing: 25Kgs bag, 17.5Mt20'FCL with pallets. CAS NO. 115-77-5 Purity: 93%min . 95% 98% 99% Hydroxyl content 47.5% min. 47.5% ..

Rosemary Extract-Oil soluble Series

CAS: Product spec:1
Rosemary Extract-Oil soluble Series About Rosemary Liquid Extract of different specifications Rosemary liquid extract is a highly effective natural antioxidant, non-toxic, its antioxidant capacity i..
Post Time:[2021-07-13 ]Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd

Rosemary Extract-Ursolic Acid

CAS: Product spec:1
Rosemary Extract-Ursolic Acid The ursolic acid powder manufacturer from China provides you with different specifications of ursolic acid powder. What is ursolic acid powder Ursolic acid is a pentac..
Post Time:[2021-07-13 ]Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd

Perfluoro(2-methyl-3-pentanone), FK-5-1-12 fire extinguing agent

CAS:756-13-8 Product spec:99% min
Perfluoro(2-methyl-3-pentanone) (C6F12O) is a next generation environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent, it is a sustainable alternative to Halons, HFCs and PFCs products. As fire extinguishin..

HFO-1234ze (Z) ; cis-1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene working fluid

CAS:29118-25-0 Product spec:99% min
HFO-1234ze(Z) New working fluid for high temperature heat pumps and Organic Rankine Cycles applications. Product information Items Specification Chemicals 1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene (Z),Cis-1,..


CAS:5337-93-9 Product spec:98.5%min
Hebei Guanlang is the biggest factory of 4'-METHYLPROPIOPHENONE;4-METHYLPROPIOPHENONE ,the purity is above 99%,and all the customers are very satisified with the quality of 4'-METHYLPROPIOPHENONE;4-..
Post Time:[2021-05-17 ]HeBei GuanLang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Polyetheramine HF-T5000

CAS: Product spec:Polyetheramine HF-T5000
HOUFA POLYETHER AMINE T Series products are triamines prepared by reaction of PO with a triol initiator, followed by amination of the terminal hydroxyl groups.Because of its characteristic structure, ..
Post Time:[2021-04-08 ]Hebei Houfa New Materials Co., Ltd
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