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CAS:68-12-2 Product spec:99.9% min
N,N-Dimethylformamide Iupac Name:N,N-dimethylformamide CAS No.:68-12-2 Molecular Weight:73.09378 EINECS(EC#)200-679-5 Molecular Formula:C3H7NO Introduction: Dimethylformamide is an organic..
Post Time:[2023-03-15 ]Asia Chemstation Co.,LTD

IGF1 LR-3 0.1mg/1mg

CAS: Product spec:IGF1 LR-3 0.1mg/1mg
Peptide Hormone: Melanotan 1: 2mg5mg10mgvial, 10vialskit Melanotan 2: 2mg5mg10mgvial, 10vialskit HCG : 2000iuvial, 10vialskit HCG: 5000iuvial, 10vialskit HMG: 75iuvial, 6vialskit EPO (Eryth..


CAS:74-95-3 Product spec:99.5%
Dibromomethane is a colorless to light yellow liquid. It is slightly soluble in water and easily soluble in Carbon Tetrachloride, Ether and Methanol. Relative density: 2.4970gcm3, Melting point: -52℃,..
Post Time:[2022-03-09 ]Anhui Meisenbao Chemical Co., Ltd.

Glycerol carbonate

CAS:931-40-8 Product spec:90%
Glycerine carbonate is a colorless to light yellow liquid, tasteless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, mutually soluble with water. High boiling point, low freezing point, low volatility, non-flammable, stro..
Post Time:[2022-03-09 ]Anhui Meisenbao Chemical Co., Ltd.

high quality Sodium Methylallyl Sulfonate(SMAS)

CAS:1561-92-8 Product spec:99.5%
Product Name: Sodium Methylallyl Sulfonate(SMAS) Molecular Formula: C4H7SO3Na CAS NO.: 1561-92-8 Molecular Weight..


CAS: Product spec:FR-1890
HALOGEN-FREE FLAME RETARDANT(FR-1890) Appearance: viscous liquid Specifications: P (%) 28min N (%) 13 min Density (gcm3) 1.28(gcm3) Flash point 300℃ min Moisture 0.1% max PH 5.0~7.0 Acid valu..


CAS: Product spec:CU
Flame Retardant CUCT Chemical Name: Cyclic Phosphate Flame Retardant Molecular Structure Formula: Technical index: Item Index CU CT Active Component 100% ..

Silicone RTV Foam

CAS: Product spec:SRF-9300
Features ◆ Curing at room temperature ◆ Low density after curing ◆ Non-corrosive ◆ High and low temperature resistance (-50℃ to 200℃) ◆ Comply with RoHS environmental protection requirements ◆ P..

2-Hydroxy-1,4- Naphthoquinone

CAS:83-72-7 Product spec:99.8%
2-Hydroxy-1,4- Naphthoquinone CAS NO.: 83-72-7 Molecular Formula: C10H6O3 2-Hydroxy-1,4 Naphthoquinone is one orange dyes, it belongs to class of naphthoquinone dyes, 2-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone i..

Crude glycerine

CAS: Product spec:80%
We are interested in purchasing the crude glycerine, which we have great customers as end users in China, pls do not hesticate to contact us if source is available
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