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Equipment List

Vibrating-Fluid Bed Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The drier is suitable for chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, plastic, oil, slag, salt, sugar and so on, for drying, cooling and wetting.

Small drugs dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Small drugs is a novel dryer oven, digital temperature control with temperature alarm and leakage protection device, shell spray. With silicon rubber door gasket replacement of asbestos products, and ..
Post Time:[2012-01-24 ]Qingzhou Yikang Machinery Co.,ltd

Coal slime dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Introduction to the Coal Slime Drying Machine Coal slime drying machine, also called coal slime dryer, coal dewatering machine, coal slurry dryer, coal mud dryer, coal sludge dryer and so on. It is a..

Centrifugal Spray Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
high speed centrifugal spray liquid material into hot air drying chamber, producing the powder from liquid material, emulsion, soliquid etc.
Post Time:[2011-09-13 ]CHINA HAPPY & MERRY BUSINESS LTD.

Spin Flash Drying Equipment

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
rotary flash dryer is a high efficient new type drying equipment with wide accommodation developed and designed on the basis of summarizing the vulcanizing bed, thermal smashing, rotational flow and g..

Flash Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
flash dryers are available in three types, namely, negative pressure drying, positive pressure drying and positive-negative pressure drying. Myande MGZQ dryers adopt simple process by which material w..

Industrial Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This normal drying machine is used for drying the workpieces after grinding or cleaning. The drying machine throws off the water on the workpieces after cleaning at the principle of centrifugation...
Post Time:[2011-08-30 ]Tonzze Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Commercial dehumidifier

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1.High efficiency,low noise rotary-style compressors; 2.Micro electronics touch switches,three minutes compressors delay protection; 3.Self-defrosting when the environment temperature is below 5℃; ..

Mini dehumidifier

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Cold is transferred through Thermoelectric Cooling. Convenient-plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter in car, boat or plug into safe AC adaptor out. The water tank can be removable, Automatically s..

Renewable Mini dehumidifier

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The unit contains water glass technology crystals. Water class is a very thirsty substance, in fact it has an absorption rate much higher than traditional soluble humidity absorbing products. it's col..
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