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Vacuum Dryer
Equipment List

Pressure filter tering vacuum dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The machine adopts the method of pressure filtration of materials to make the material of solid and liquid fast separation. Separation of liquid discharged from the device under the chamber, the solid..

Szg Series Double Tapered Vacuum Drier

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
When oil is used to heat, use automatic constant temperature control. It can be used for drying bilogy products and mine. Its temperature of operation can be adjusted from 20-160 degree and within +_2..

Double Cone Rotating Vacuum Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Double cone rotating vacuum drier is a new drier that integrates mixing and drying in one body, equipped with condenser and vacuum pump, (if the solvent needn’t recover, the condenser could not be use..

Continuous immersion vacuum dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Continuous immersion vacuum dryer, I immersed in a continuous machine at home and abroad based on the increased vacuum dipping and drying technology, new generations of motors, electrical insulation c..

Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
We offer our clients a wide range of Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryers that is available in various capacities ranging from 20 liters to 5000 liters. Our range is manufactured using superior quality material,..
Post Time:[2011-02-15 ]Newtech Equipments

YZG/FZG Vacuum Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
It is suitable for drying heat sensitive raw materials that can decompose or polymerize or deteriorate at high temperature. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electronic indu..

Air Force Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Hansa Enterprises manufacture a range of air force dryers, which has been developed from the experience gained from the design and manufacture of many forced air conveyorized systems that are in use.
Post Time:[2010-12-21 ]Hansa Enterprises, Bangalore

Vacuum Drum Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
We are engaged in fabricating Vacuum Drum Dryer which is known for the its effective functioning. These are widely used in the chemical industry and are available in customized form as well depending ..
Post Time:[2010-12-06 ]Eletech Engineering

The ZB vacuum rake dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Application: Medicine, food, chemical industry make a material dry; Suitable for pulpous state, paste, powder material, Request dry at low temperature of heat sensitive material, Easy ..

YZG (round) / FZG (square) vacuum dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Working principle: So-called vacuum drying, vacuum drying in is to undertake heating drying conditions, if use of vacuum pump, for lashing out dry, the accelerated the drying process. Note: if..
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