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Vacuum Dryer
Equipment List

Vacuum rake dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Vacuum rake dryer, has simple structure, convenient operation, use cycle is long, stable and reliable performance, the steam consumption of small, applicable performance is strong, good quality of pro..

Soft Flow Fabric Dyeing Machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Soft Flow Fabric Dyeing Machine The ColorSoft range of dyeing machines offers problem-free operations under the most grueling conditions. The special in-built features make these machines ide..
Post Time:[2010-11-12 ]Exolloys Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Fang type vacuum dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Vacuum drying is will be dry material in vacuum condition of heating dry. It is to use the vacuum pump for lashing out dry makes work indoor creates a vacuum, quicken drying rate and improve work effi..

Double conic rotary vacuum dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Double conic rotary vacuum dryer is set in one of the mixed - dry new dryer. The condenser, vacuum pump and drying machine form a complete set, composition vacuum drying equipment. (if not to be recov..

Cupboard Tunnel Type Dryers

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Cupboard Tunnel Type Dryers The product is amongst our most acknowledged dryers. The cupboard tunnel dryer is an ideal industrial dryer for drying different food materials and glass bottles.
Post Time:[2010-11-08 ]Apex Electromec Pharma Pvt.Ltd.


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
It is suitable for drying thermal sensitive raw material of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry,foodstuff industry,electronic industry, Chinese traditional medicine industry, etc.

Vacuum dry oven

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1. rectangle work room, so that the effective maximum volume. 2. Steel, bullet-proof double glass doors interior observation objects at a glance. 3. Box door closed elastic can adjust the over..
Post Time:[2010-11-02 ]Jiangsu Zhengji Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Wet feed is charged as a batch and is subjected to indirect heating while undergoing agitation due to the action of paddle mixing, The operation isnormally carried out in vacuum. Recovery of solvent i..
Post Time:[2010-10-28 ]Arrowhead Seperation Engg. Pvt. Ltd.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Fluid Bed Dryer Our fluid bed dryer consists of a simple drying unit and helps in the conversion to a granulation or coater when optional packages are incorporated. These dryers are available..
Post Time:[2010-10-28 ]Monotech Engineers Pvt. Ltd

Automated Multi Station Ultrasonic Cleaner

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Automated Multi Station Ultrasonic Cleaner Our premium product line includes automated multi station ultra station ultrasonic cleaner that consists of hot air, vacuum infrared air dryer with clean ai..
Post Time:[2010-10-21 ]V. P. S. Technics & Trades
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