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Hot Blast Heater
Equipment List

Small drugs dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Small drugs is a novel dryer oven, digital temperature control with temperature alarm and leakage protection device, shell spray. With silicon rubber door gasket replacement of asbestos products, and ..
Post Time:[2012-01-24 ]Qingzhou Yikang Machinery Co.,ltd

Tube Bundle Dryer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
ZXG Series dryer, according to reflux heating style operation. It has been already widely used in chemical industry, light industry, food, foodstuff deep machining, feedingstuff ect, to loose material..

Rotary Drum Dryer is a drying system in which water / solvent re

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Rotary Drum Dryer is a drying system in which water solvent removed from a solution suspension by the heating source. Drum Dryer is a slow speed rotating drum, a part of the drum is submerged in an ..
Post Time:[2010-12-21 ]Nsi Equipments Private Limited

Automatic hot air drying stove

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
QRL automation hot air drying stove Hot air drying stove widely used in wood, leather, electroplating, painting, printing and dyeing, grain, seed, feed, fruit, dehydration vegetable, sweet radha, ..


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Contact parts made of stainless steel. Precisely cast aluminum hull, smooth surface and good performance of maintaining temper ature setting. Low noise blower, installed air filter(optional) purit..

Drying machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
drying machine merit is the direct heating, dries quickly, may fold the installment, saves the space. Its principle is lets the moist raw material and the high temperature air current mix walks, separ..
Post Time:[2010-10-09 ]Zhengzhou Gashili Machinery CO.LTD


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Air knife dryer hair brush to avoid the original bottle, brush a serious loss, frequent replacement, easy to pour bottles of the phenomenon, using high-pressure air to dry the bottle wall to ensure th..
Post Time:[2010-09-25 ]Qingzhou Dongzheng Machinery Co.,ltd

Small dryer equipment

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Our company produces all kinds of Mu Tanji equipment is sawdust, branches, rice husks, bamboo shavings, peanuts, sunflower seed shells, grains, sugar cane bagasse, corn cob, coconut shell and the Sout..

Air Floated Equipment

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
High Efficient Superficial Air Floated Equipment, use the new water treatment technology in the international. Features: 1、 have enough scum reserves space, especially suit for high thickness waste ..


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The machine adapts full seal form .All parts are made of stainless steel ,it si equipped with three graders of purifying apparatus .The filtered air reaches the requirement of one hundred thousand gra..
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