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Equipment List

Decanting Centrifuge

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
LW series horizontal drilling fluid Centrifuge (Decanting Centrifuge) is mainly used recycling barite, get rid of small solid, reduce the drilling fluid solid content, controlling the drilling fluid ..

SHC Series Hydrogen Generator

Unit Type:SHC Series Hydrogen Generator Equipment spec:SHC Series Hydrogen Generator
SHC Series Hydrogen Generator 1.Features: 1.Easy to operate, safe and reliable, adding lye only for one time, only replenishing distilled water, switching power on to produce gas(available for sever..

Combined HEPA filter

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Applied to the terminal filtration of the air-condition system and the air purification equipments which need large low flow.

Platform-Base Punching Bag Top Discharging Centrifuge

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
◆ Started by frequency modulator, the start of the machine is stable, the separation coefficient is adjustable. ◆ Discharging by punching bag reduces the labor stress and increases work efficiency. ..

Tower stainless steel Redistillation appliance

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Performing heat exchanging for steam constitutes a reliable approach to make distilled water. The stainless steel distilling apparatus produced by us, which now has been upgraded, features advanced de..
Post Time:[2015-10-19 ]GuangZhou SinoSource Co.,Ltd.

Tubular Centrifuge GF/GQ 105

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Tubular centrifuge is super speed centrifuge which can realise liquid-liquid-slight solid separation or liquid-slight solid clarification. It has been used in food, chemical, biological, medicine inte..
Post Time:[2015-09-23 ]Lilong Industrial Company Limited

Magnetic Separator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Used to detect ferrous metals and seperate them Install easy, can be used online Magnetic bar can be disassemble and easy to clean Various type of magnetic separator
Post Time:[2015-08-31 ]HongKong SINBON Industrial Limted

Bench top centrifuge

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1、Microprocessor control, operated by touch panel, LED display, operated datacan be saved automatically, easy to use. 2、Brushless Motor, Bearing from Europe, smoothly running and maintenancefree. 3、..

Plate Settling/Filter Centrifuge

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
We have two kind of plate centrifuge, one is filter plate centrifuge, the other is settling plate centrifuge, which have been used for Chemical Industry, Food industry,Pharmaceutical,. Mine and Metall..
Post Time:[2014-08-08 ]Lilong Industrial Company Limited

Swing Granulator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Main Application This granulator is used for granulation of the wet powder-materials in the industries of pharmacy, chemicals and food etc. And also is used for pulverization of granulas from the ..
Post Time:[2014-08-08 ]Lilong Industrial Company Limited
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