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Air Separation Plant
Equipment List

SHC Series Hydrogen Generator

Unit Type:SHC Series Hydrogen Generator Equipment spec:SHC Series Hydrogen Generator
SHC Series Hydrogen Generator 1.Features: 1.Easy to operate, safe and reliable, adding lye only for one time, only replenishing distilled water, switching power on to produce gas(available for sever..

Plate Separators

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Lamella plate separators (IPS) consists of two main components, the upper tank containing the lamella plates inclined at 55 degree and the lower conical or cylindrical sludge tank. The feed for the IP..
Post Time:[2011-01-26 ]Paalsun Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Magnetic Separator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
We offer quality range of Magnetic Separator (Band Filter Combination) that is designed for separating ferrous particle from less viscous fluid having low quantity of dirt. The design of the filters i..

American sullair compressor oil-water separator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Atlas compressor parts, Ingersoll rand compressor parts, sullair compressor parts, fidelity compressor parts, KangPuYi compressor parts, the complex shing compressor parts, compressor parts, electroni..
Post Time:[2010-12-29 ]Nanchang gome compressor Co., LTD

Air dust filter

Unit Type:HT Equipment spec:
Air filter

Small air separation units products

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Our company is specialized in producing small-sized manufacturer of air separation units, and the production of small air separation units can be widely applied steel cutting 27%oxygen, medical oxygen..

Pure Steam Generators

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
INDO GERMAN pure steam generator is used to produce pyrogen free sterile steam for sterilization. It meets the IPBP, USP, US FDA standards and is used for sterilization in fermentors, reactors, pipe..
Post Time:[2010-11-05 ]Indo German Pharma Engineers

Cyclone Separator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Cyclone separators are normally used for the collection of coarse dust particles. The dusty air is introduced in the cyclone separator from the top through the inlet pipe which is tangential to the cy..
Post Time:[2010-11-02 ]Samarth Engineers, Pune

Pharmaceutical disk separator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This type of disk separator is mainly used in separating biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical medicine, vaccines, mycelium, glucose, insulin, vitamins, antibiotics, pigments, proteins, spices and so on...

Yeast separator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The nozzle separator is a centrifuge which is de-sludging via the nozzle. It’s widely used in bio-pharm, which is mainly used for concentrating solid from the mixture and clarifying the light phase fr..
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