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Extraction Plant
Equipment List

Liquid Liquid Extraction Unit

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Liquid & Liquid extraction, sometimes called solvent extraction, is the separation of constituents of a liquid solution by contact with another insoluable liquid. The unit described here is for a semi..
Post Time:[2016-05-09 ]Ablaze Glass Works Pvt. Ltd.

Solid Liquid Extraction Unit

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This operation involves preferential solublizing of one or more soluble constituents (solutes) of a solid mixture by a liquid solvent. The unit described here is for a semi-batch operation. The sol..
Post Time:[2016-05-03 ]Ablaze Glass Works Pvt. Ltd.

Herb extraction and concentration unit

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
heat extract from herb roots, bark or leaves and concentration in full closed cycle.
Post Time:[2011-09-13 ]CHINA HAPPY & MERRY BUSINESS LTD.

Hydro extractor

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
hydro extractor are suitable for hotel, restaurant, hospital, large & middle size enterprise to extract water for the garments made of cotton, wool and chemical fiber. They are also suitable for minin..

Oil Mist & Fume Extraction

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
CNC machines such as oil mist system, oil mist filter, oil mist separator are usually installed in air-conditioned machine shops where the problems of indoor pollution, suffocation, oil mist, smoke an..
Post Time:[2010-12-16 ]Filter On India Private Limited

Solvent Extraction Plant

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The prepared material from Preparatory section is recieved in the Feed Hopper through Rotary Valve. The material in the hopper and the rotary valve togelher constitute on effective vapour seal while t..
Post Time:[2010-12-13 ]Glamptech Agro Process Pvt. Ltd.

Bitumen Extractor

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
In order to determine the percentage of bitumen in bituminous mixtures, electrically operated Bitumen Extractor is popularly used. A precision engineered aluminum fetor bowl is mounted on a vertical s..

Turbo Extractors

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
TMCI PADOVAN’s Turbo Extractors or Refiners is Suitable for extraction and refining of juice purees from pulpy & fibrous fruits. The raw fruits, which has previously been chopped and preheated, is fe..
Post Time:[2010-12-06 ]SERVEINDIA

Extruders And Expander

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Extruders And Expander Oil seeds are properly cleaned & destoned before further processing. Properly cleaned & de-stoned oil seeds are subjected to size disintegration flaking to get better effici..
Post Time:[2010-11-24 ]Sundex Process Eng. Pvt. Ltd.

Olive oil extraction

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
LW olive oil extraction is belong to two phase centrifuges. A decanter centrifuge separates solids from one liquid phases in one sigle continuous process. This is done using centrifugal forces that ca..
Post Time:[2010-11-04 ]Zhangjiagang Guanli Machine Co., Ltd.
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