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Equipment List

Table-top Low-speed Centrifuge

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
With a compact body, low noise, it runs steadily and easily. It is an idea equipment that is applied to the biochemistry, hospital, and the separation of particles of blood serum, plasma, and carbamid..

Laying-up Equipment

Unit Type: Equipment spec:Laying-up Equipment
echnical Parameter Specification JPD-2500 JPD-3150 Size of take-up 2500 3150 Max dia. of output (mm) 120 130 Cable pitch (mm) 111-9298 Strander speed (Rmin) 30 21 Output speed (mmin) 50 42 Fe..
Post Time:[2018-10-10 ]Hebei Beyde Trading Co.,Ltd

Membrane Filter

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Navigator MCE membrane filters are modified to offer researchers the lowest binding filters available. Due to the extremely low binding characteristics, these filters provide higher throughputs than c..

Orbital Shaker

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Orbital Shaker is a powerful variable speed shaker which provides efficient orbital motion. Speed and time are under microprocessor control. The shaker can be applicable in different laboratories: in ..

tubular Bowl Centrifuge GQ150

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Tubular bowl centrifuge has high performance of separate factor, high capacity, and account for small area and easy to handle, it has been widely used in pharmaceutical, health food, drinks, chemical ..
Post Time:[2018-05-14 ]Lilong Industrial Company Limited

Filter elements

Unit Type:filter Equipment spec:
2micron -500micron filter elements

Cream Separator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Tubular centrifuge is super speed centrifuge which can realise liquid-liquid-slight solid separation or liquid-slight solid clarification. It has been used in food, chemical, biological, medicine inte..
Post Time:[2018-02-28 ]Lilong Industrial Company Limited

Table-top high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The machine is a powerful separator that is specially designed for users who require low capacity but high RCF, working more stably, more reliably. It is widely used in the fields of biology, bioengin..

High Speed Centrifuge

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
A slow acceleration special motor and starter operates this machine. The slurry is fed through the bottom of the bowl and the separation takes place inside the bowl by centrifugal force created by hig..
Post Time:[2017-10-09 ]Sharpenn Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Chamber filter press

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Chamber filter press
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