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Chemical fertilizers
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potassium humate

Potassium humate is a kind of high polymer heterogeneous aromatic hydroxyl carboxylate. It is obtained by alkaline extraction of lignite or brown coal or leonardite. It is water soluble, contains h..

PVA 1788 & PVA 1799

CAS: Product spec:001
PVA 1788 & PVA 1799 Polyvinyl alcohol is high polymer with excellent characters to dissolve easily in water but not to dissolve in common organic solvent and organic acids, and with excellent film-..


CAS:8061-51-6 Product spec:lignin content 50% above
Sodium lignosulphonate (Sodium lignosulfonate) yellow (brown) powder, completely water-soluble , is natural anionic surfactant. It mainly be used for construction, ceramics, mineral powder, metallu..
Post Time:[2016-03-01 ]FOSHAN GRAND CHEMICAL CO.,LTD

Calcium chloride

CAS:10043-52-4 Product spec:white powder,granular,or tablet
The product is colorless square crystal, ordinarily in white or white cavernous and honeycombed. It is easily soluble in water and the solution is subacid. It is mainly applied in the desiccant and us..
Post Time:[2015-11-02 ]TIANJIN YINDA COMMERCE CO., LTD


CAS:68333-79-9 Product spec:water soluble
1. water soluble 2. formaldehyde free

Urea 46%

CAS:57-13-6;37955-36-5 Product spec:prilled
Total Nitrogen (N): 46% min Biuret (NH(CONH2)2): 1.0% ma Moisture: 0.5% max Fe: 0.001% max Alkali (NH3): 0.03% max Water Insoluble: 0.04% max Sulphates (SO4): 0.01% max Size (0..
Post Time:[2015-04-21 ]Norbright Industry

Fulvic Acid

CAS: Product spec:potassium fulvic
We can supply potassium fulvic acid (leonardite) and bio potassium fulvic acid.
Post Time:[2014-11-20 ]AGBEST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

magnesium sulphate

CAS:10034-99-8 Product spec:High Quality Magnesium Sulphate 0.1-0.5mm,1-3mm,2-4mm
Grade Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate Magnesium Sulpahte Monohydrate Item MgSO4.7H2O MgSO4.H2O Appearance White Crystal White powder and granular Assary % Min 99.5 99 MgSO4% Min 48.59 86 MgO % Mi..


CAS: Product spec:6%
We can supply EDDHA Fe 6% in granular and powder.
Post Time:[2014-09-05 ]AGBEST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

Humic Acid

CAS: Product spec:Humic Acid Powder/Granular/Cylindrical
We can supply Humic Acid powdergranularcylindrical, and humic acid liquid.
Post Time:[2014-09-05 ]AGBEST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
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