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Chemical fertilizers
Product List

Melamine phosphate: MP

CAS: Product spec:P (%)≥13.6
with excellent flame retarding and wate-fast (water-tolerant) .

Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP)

CAS:7778-77-0 Product spec:MKP 0-52-34
Specifications Food Grade Main contents % ≥ 99.0 P2O5 % ≥ 51.5 Potassium oxide(K2O) % ≥34.0 PH value of 1% solution 4.3-4.7 Moisture % ≤ 0.20 Heavy metal,asPb 10ppm Ars..
Post Time:[2012-10-17 ]Shifang Anda Chemicals Co.,Ltd

mono potassium phosphate

CAS:7778-77-0 Product spec:MKP 0-52-34
Synonyms:Mono Potassium Phosphate Molecular formula:KH2PO4 Molecular weight: 136.09 CAS Number:7778-77-0 Appearance White crystals KH2PO4 99%min P2O5 ..
Post Time:[2012-10-17 ]Shifang Anda Chemicals Co.,Ltd


CAS:3194-55-6 Product spec:appearance:white particles,white powder:melting range:180-190
Post Time:[2012-08-13 ]weifang kaihong chemical co.,ltd

Sodium Bromide

CAS:7647-15-6 Product spec:appearance:white powder or crystal
ocean,complete liquid,stationary liquid and amending liquid
Post Time:[2012-08-13 ]weifang kaihong chemical co.,ltd

calcium carbonate

CAS: Product spec:food grade
Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CaCO3. It is a common substance found in rock in all parts of the world, and is the main component of shells of marine organisms,snai..
Post Time:[2012-08-09 ]Jinan Shangxin Chemical Co.,Ltd

Rock Phosphate(RPP) FOR organic Fertilizer

CAS: Product spec:P2O5:28-32%
Rock Phosphate(RPP) is used as a base fertilizer. It is a type of phosphorus fertilizer on acid podzolic, gray wooded, and bog soils and on leached chernozems and red soils. This organic fertilizer co..
Post Time:[2012-08-03 ]Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd

Calcium Triple superphosphate Ca(H2PO4)265996-95-4

CAS: Product spec:Total P2O5: 46% min
The formula of Triple superphosphate is Ca(H2PO4)2. TSP is soluble in water, preferably mixed with farm manure application, but can not be mixed with alkaline material to produce insoluble calcium pho..
Post Time:[2012-08-03 ]Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd

Barite (natural barium sulfate BaSo4)

CAS: Product spec:Total N: 21% min
Barium sulfate is odorless, tasteless, colorless, orthorhombic crystals or a white amorphous powder. It is an eco-friendly materials, insoluble in water, acids, alkalis or organic solvents. It ca..
Post Time:[2012-08-03 ]Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd

Single Super Phosphate fertilizer SSP

CAS: Product spec:Granule Size:2-4mm
FEATURES SSP is one of forms of phosphate SSP supplies sulphate, one of the other important nutrients in all soils SSP supplies calcium The ratio of P and S suits many crop and pasture needs Bot..
Post Time:[2012-08-03 ]Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd
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