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Hydrogen alkaline ORP ceramic ball

CAS: Product spec:alkaline mineral ball
Hydrogen ORP ball Plus are formulated with all natural minerals to naturally enhance and revitalize your water. Balls should increase the pH and reduce the ORP to alkaline anti-oxidant water for more..


CAS:117428-51-0 Product spec:99%
Cas No:117428-51-0 Assay: 99% Molecular formula: C12H13CIO3 Molecular weight: 241
Post Time:[2020-11-02 ]Jostrong (Tianjin) Technology Co.,Ltd

Long-Acting Bactericidal Algaecide

CAS:25988-97-0 Product spec:Algaecide
Non-Foaming Cationic Broad-Spectrum Long-Acting Bactericidal Algaecide PSC80628 PSC80628-2 CAS NO. 25988-97-0 39660-17-8 N,N-Dimethyl-2-hydroxypropyl ammonium chloride polymer Poly(2-hydroxy..

Broad-Spectrum Non-Oxidizing Bactericidal Algaecide

CAS: Product spec:Algaecide
Polyquaternium Ammonium Salt High-Efficiency Broad-Spectrum Non-Oxidizing Bactericidal Algaecide PSC80621 Application: Suitable for Commercial water such as Swimming pool, SPA, Lands..

1,4 Naphthoquinone

CAS:130-15-4 Product spec:99% MIN
1,4 Naphthoquinone  para-naphthoquinone  CAS NO: 130-15-4 Chemical formula: C10H6O2 Melting point: 126℃ Application: It mainly used for resin inhibitor,Intermediates dyes, pesticide fungicide, Po..


CAS:459-57-4 Product spec:Appearance : Transparent Liquid
CAS NO. : 459-57-4 HS Code : 29319090 Synonym : Origin : China Packing : 50 kgIron Drums Molecular Formula : C7H5FO Molecular Weight : 124.11 Appearance : Transparent Liquid
Post Time:[2020-04-20 ]Lepid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment Yellow

CAS:51274-00-1 Product spec:Appearance : Yellow Powder
Origin : China Packing : 25 kgBag Molecular Formula : Fe2O3.H2O Molecular Weight : 177.71 Appearance : Yellow Powder Status : Commercial
Post Time:[2020-04-20 ]Lepid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC)

CAS:9032-42-2 Product spec:Appearance : White Powder
CAS NO. : 9032-42-2 HS Code : 39123929 Origin : Germany
Post Time:[2020-04-20 ]Lepid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

N,N′-Bis(trimethylsilyl) urea

CAS:18297-63-7 Product spec:Appearance : White Powder
CAS NO. : 18297-63-7 HS Code : BSU;Urea, TMS;Hexamethyl disilaurea;BIS(TRIMETHYLSILYL)UREA;N,N’- Di(trimethylsilyl)urea;1,3Bis(trimethylsilyl)urea;1,1-bis(triMethylsilyl)urea;N,N’ BIS(TRIMETHYLSIL..
Post Time:[2020-04-20 ]Lepid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Doxycycline hydrochloride

CAS:10592-13-9 Product spec:5 KGS or 10KGS or 25 KGS in one drum
Classification: Pharmaceutical Intermediates Cas NO.: 10592-13-9 Molecular Formula: C22H25ClN2O8 Melting Point: 195-201? Boiling Point: 773.2 °C at 760 mmHg Stability: Stable under normal shippin..
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