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CAS:3164-85-0 Product spec:Viscosity at 25℃: Max.9500cps
PRODUCT NAME: POTASSIUM OCTOATE SOLUTION CAS No.: 3164-85-0 Composition: mixture of potassium octoate and DEG Appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid K content: 15.1-..


CAS:875-74-1 Product spec:99%
Product Name D-2-Phenylglycine Synonym D-Phenylglycine; D-(-)-Phenylglycine; D(-)-alpha-Phenylglycine; D-(-)-Α-Phenylglycine; R-(−)-α-Aminophenylacetic acid; (R)-(−)-2-Phenylglycine; H-D-Phg-OH Mol..
Post Time:[2017-01-19 ]Banff Green Technologies, Inc.


CAS:213265-83-9  Product spec:98%
Product Name 4,6-Dichloro-5-fluoropyrimidine Synonyms 4,6-Dichloro-5-Fluoro Pyridine; 4,6-DICHLORO-5-FLUORO-PYRIMIDINE; 4,6-Dichloro-5-fluoro-1,3-diazine; 4,6-Dichloro-5-fluoropyriMidinene CAS No. 2..
Post Time:[2017-01-03 ]Banff Green Technologies, Inc.

Chemical raw material beta cyclodextrin

CAS:7585-39-9 Product spec:99%
Terms   Specifications Appearance  White Crystal Powder Identification  Positive Assay   ≥96.0-102.0% PH  5.0-8.0 Loss on Drying  ≤14.0% Cleanness and color of the solution  Cleanness Residue o..
Post Time:[2016-11-21 ]Mengzhou Hongji Biology Co., Ltd

Palm Acid Oil

CAS:8002.75.3 Product spec:Iodine Value:10.79 Per 100 g , Acid Value:153.72 mg KOH/g
Palm acid oil is a by-product of palm oil refining by chemical process. It contains mainly of Free Fatty Acid (FFA) up to 50% with some amount of neutral oil and moisture. It is a viscous liquid and g..
Post Time:[2016-11-17 ]Tradeasia International Private Ltd

AKD / AKD WAX / Alkyl Ketene Dimer paper neutral sizing

CAS:144245-85-2 Product spec:AKD 1840/1865/1895
Paper making raw material -----AKD wax Product Introduction Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD WAX) is a commonly used paper pulp sizing agent . CAS NO.: 144245-85-2 Molecuar Weight : 495.6-532.9..
Post Time:[2016-09-12 ]Shandong Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd

3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenylacetic acid

CAS:951-82-6 Product spec:1kg
Name:3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenylacetic acid CAS No.:951-82-6 Molecular formula:C11H14O5 Molecular weight:226.23
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CAS:4547-02-8 Product spec:1kg
Name:7-Chloro-1,3-dihydro-5-phenyl-2H-1,4-benzodiazepine-2-thione CAS:4547-02-8 Molecular formula: C15H11ClN2S Molecular weight:286.79 Density:1.32 gcm3 Flash point:201.1 ..
Post Time:[2016-09-06 ]Synpartner PharmaTech Co.,Ltd


CAS:294-90-6 Product spec:1kg
Name:Cyclen CAS:294-90-6 Another name:1,4,7,10-Tetraazacyclododecane Molecular formula:C8H20N4 Molecular weight:172.2712 Melting point: 108-113 ºC
Post Time:[2016-09-06 ]Synpartner PharmaTech Co.,Ltd

Ethyl 2-chloroacetoacetate

CAS:609-15-4 Product spec:1kg
Name:Ethyl 2-chloroacetoacetate CAS:609-15-4 Another NAME: AKOS BBS-00004302;Ethyl 2-chloroacetoa;2 - ethyl acetoacetate;Ethyl 2-Chloroacetotate Molecular formula: C6H9ClO3 Molecular weight:164.59..
Post Time:[2016-09-05 ]Synpartner PharmaTech Co.,Ltd