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CAS:96-50-4 Product spec:Assay: 99.0%min
2-Aminothiazole is a heterocyclic amine and is the beginning reagent for the synthesis of many pharmaceutical and agricultural related compounds. Reactivity Profile 2-Aminothiazole reacts violently w..
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CAS:106-48-9  Product spec:Assay: 99.0%min
Product Name P-Chlorophenol Other Name 4-chlorophenol CAS 106-48-9 EINECS 203-402-6 Molecular Formula C6H5CIO Molecular Weight 128.56 inchi InChI=1C8H9ClOc1-2-10-8-5-3-7(9)4-6-8h3-6H,2H2,1H3 De..
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Basic Yellow 2

CAS:2465-27-2 Product spec:Basic Yellow 2, Auramine O, Leather Dyes, CAS NO 2465-27-2
C.I.: 41000. CAS Number: 2465-27-2. Molecular Weight: 303.83. Molecular Formula: C17H22ClN3. Strength: 100%. Appearance: Yellow to brown powder. Shade: To the similar standard of GB. Propertie..

Basic Violet 1

CAS:8004-87-3 Product spec:Basic Violet 1, other name: Methyl Violet 2B
CAS No.: 8004-87-3 Molecular Formula: C24H28N3Cl EINECS No.:277-459-0 Molecular Weight: 407.99 Appearance: shinning dark fluffy green crystals Strength: 100% Colour index: c.i.basic violet 1 P..

Basic Blue 7

CAS:2390-60-5 Product spec:Victoria blue BO
C.I.: 42595 CAS NO. : 2390-60-5 Molecular Formula: C33H40ClN3 Molecular Weight: 514.1438 Strength: 100% Packing: Packed in 25kgs iron drums and bags. Product advantages High an..

Basic Blue 9

CAS:61-73-4 Product spec:Methylene Blue / Methylene Blue BB / Methyl Blue
C.I.: 52015 CAS NO. : 61-73-4 Molecular Formula: C16H18ClN3S Molecular Weight: 319.858 Strength: 100% Packing: Packed in 25kgs iron drums, plastic bags.

Basic Orange 2 ( Chrysodine )

CAS:532-82-1 Product spec:Basic Orange 2 ( Chrysodine )
Color Index: C.I.Basic Orange 2 (11270) Molecular Formula: C12H13CIN4 CAS NO: 532-82-1


CAS:82-45-1 Product spec:98%
1-Aminoanthraquinone CAS NO: 82-45-1 Molecular Formula: C14H9NO2 1-Aminoanthraquinone is red crystal powder, insoluble in water, Soluble in alcohol, benzene, chlroform, ether, glacial acetic acid. ..

4,4'-Bis(diethylamino) benzophenone

CAS:90-93-7 Product spec:light yellow uniform powder
Basic information Product name:4,4'-Bis(diethylamino) benzophenone Other names: photoinitiator emk,tetraethyl Michaelis ketone CAS:90-93-7 EINECS:202-025-4 Molecular formula: C21H28N2O Molecular..
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Transparent iron oxide pigment Red

CAS:1309-37-1 Product spec:Appearance : Red Powder
CAS NO. : 1309-37-1 Synonym : Origin : China Packing : 25 kgBag Molecular Formula : Fe2O3 Molecular Weight : 159.69 Appearance : Red Powder Status : Commercial
Post Time:[2020-04-20 ]Lepid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
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