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Dyestuff Intermediates
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Pigment Yellow 65-Superfast Yellow Rnr

CAS: Product spec:Pigment Yellow 65-Superfast Yellow Rnr
Chemical Composition: Color Index: Pigment Yellow 65 C.I.NO.: 11740 Chemical Formula: C18H18N4O6 CAS NO.: 6528-34-3 EU NO.: 229-419-9 Physical Properties: Physical Form: Yellow Powder He..
Post Time:[2016-02-16 ]Shanghai Honor Industrial Co.,Ltd

Airbag Mould 6.00-12

CAS: Product spec:Airbag Mould 6.00-12
Keyword Airbag mould CO: China Brand: zhenyao Size: 6.00-12 Material forged steel Quality High quality Tyre pattern EDM work Sidewall letters CNC engraving Certificate ISO 9001-2000 Shipment ..
Post Time:[2015-11-06 ]Qingdao Zhenyao Mould Co.,Ltd

Mugs & Cups BG030

CAS: Product spec:Mugs & Cups BG030
Model Number: BG030 Material: High Quality Stainless Steel 304 or 201 Capacity: 5.5oz Product Detail: 10.0 x 11.7cm Thickness: 0.7mm, Can Be Customized According To Customer Required Lo..
Post Time:[2015-11-06 ]Guangzhou Macho Metal Co., Limited

Dyes Intermediates

CAS: Product spec:Dyes Intermediates
These oilfield downstream products are processed to transform into dyes and pigments. Minal intermediates manufactures various dyes intermediates like 1-(4-Sulphophenyl) -3- Carboxyl -5- Pyrazolone (T..
Post Time:[2015-10-12 ]Minal Intermediates

N-Hydroxy Succinimide

CAS:6066-82-6 Product spec:115.0874
N-Hydroxy succinimide and its derivatives are important intermediates for synthetic peptide, antibiotic, amino acid, protein and mica ester.
Post Time:[2015-06-19 ]alchemist

Beta-Naphthol Manufactory

CAS:135-19-3 Product spec:pigment of intermediate
Beta Naphthol Brand name:Century Sunshine CAS NO:135-19-3 H.S.CODE:29071510 Purity%:99 1-Naphthol%:0.3 Naphthol%:0.40 Moisture%:0.1 Capacity:30000MTSYear
Post Time:[2014-11-05 ]Shandong Sunshine Pigment CO.,LTD


CAS:3228-02-2 Product spec:dye
Identification Name 4-Isopropyl-3-methylphenol Synonyms 4-Isopropyl-m-cresol copyRight Molecular Structure CAS # 3228-02-2, 4-Isopropyl-3-methylphenol, 4-Isopropyl-m-cresol Molecular Formula..
Post Time:[2014-09-28 ]Dong fan Chem Co.,Ltd


CAS:92952-81-3 Product spec:dye
Identification Name 3-Nitro-N-(2-hydroxypropyl)-4-aminophenol copyRight Molecular Structure CAS # 92952-81-3, 3-Nitro-N-(2-hydroxypropyl)-4-aminophenol Molecular Formula C9H12N2O4 Molecular ..
Post Time:[2014-09-28 ]Dong fan Chem Co.,Ltd


CAS:C Product spec:dye
Identification Name 2,2'-((4-((2-Hydroxyethyl)amino)-3-nitrophenyl)imino)bisethanol copyRight Molecular Structure CAS # 33229-34-4, 2,2'-((4-((2-Hydroxyethyl)amino)-3-nitrophenyl)imino)bisethano..
Post Time:[2014-09-28 ]Dong fan Chem Co.,Ltd


CAS:5428-54-6 Product spec:dye
Identification Name 2-Methyl-5-nitrophenol Synonyms 5-Nitro-o-cresol copyRight Molecular Structure CAS # 5428-54-6, 2-Methyl-5-nitrophenol, 5-Nitro-o-cresol Molecular Formula C7H7NO3 Mole..
Post Time:[2014-09-28 ]Dong fan Chem Co.,Ltd