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Copper Phthalcyanine Blue

CAS: Product spec:Copper Phthalcyanine Blue
It is formed through combination of copper and phthalcoyanine and this substance is insoluble in water. It is safe to apply this ingredient for color processes as it is purely biodegradeable and does ..
Post Time:[2015-01-23 ]Nilkanth Group of Industries

SCR Catalyst Rutile Titanium Dioxide

CAS: Product spec:CATALYST
The homogenized V2O5-WO3TiO2 honeycomb SCR denitration catalyst which is designed and made by Shandong Jinhai Titanium Resources Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of V2O5,WO3,TiO2 and binder,pla..
Post Time:[2015-01-16 ]shandong jinhai titanium resources

Titanium Tungsten Powder Rutile Titanium Dioxide

CAS: Product spec:titanium tungsten powder
At present, the SCR commercial catalyst which is based on the material of TiO2, is mainly used for producing denitration catalyst, which has the characteristics of big specific surface area, high cata..
Post Time:[2015-01-16 ]shandong jinhai titanium resources

Catalyst Grade Titanium Dioxide Rutile Titanium Dioxide

CAS: Product spec:Catalyst Grade Titanium Dioxide Rutile Titanium Dioxide
And as the carrier material of SCR denitration catalyst,catalyst grand titanium dioxide has good hyhilicity,strong adsorption capacity,big specific surface area,high catalytic activity.Catalyst gade t..
Post Time:[2015-01-16 ]shandong jinhai titanium resources

Polymeric Dispersion

CAS: Product spec:yellow transparent viscous liquid
SP-2750 is a new type of polymeric dispersant with comb structure, prepared by reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer technology (RAFT). Designed for high concentration SC, FS and DF formula..
Post Time:[2014-12-31 ]Jiangsu Sinvochem S&T Co.,Ltd.

Dispersing Emulsifier

CAS: Product spec:colorless to yellow liquid
SP-OF3468 Dispersing Emulsifier has excellent emulsifying stability and degradability. When used in oil-based system, the product will keep the system from creaming due to quality change of TC. To imp..
Post Time:[2014-12-31 ]Jiangsu Sinvochem S&T Co.,Ltd.

beryllium fluoride BeF2

CAS:7787-49-7 Product spec:assay ≥99%
Chemical formula BeF2 Molecular weight of 47.01 g · mol - 1 Colorless block solid appearance Density of 1.986 gcm3 Melting point of 554 ° C (827 K) The boiling point of 1169 ° C (1442 K)
Post Time:[2014-11-05 ]Muhong Industrial Co.Ltd


CAS:CAS28981-97-7 Product spec:1kg/bag 5kg/bag
Alprazolam Product Name Alprazolam Formula C17H13ClN4 Molecular Weight 308.77 CAS28981-97-7 Properties white powder Content 99% Usage Intermediate


CAS:CAS40054-69-1 Product spec:1kg/bag 5kg/bag
Etizolam Product Name etizolam Chinese alias B alternate alprazolam Name ETIZOLAM CAS40054-69-1 Molecular formula C17H15ClN4S Molecular Weight 342.85 Specification pharmaceutical grade, con..


CAS:cas1716-60-5 Product spec:1kg/bag 5kg/bag
2-FA product name2-Fa cas1716-60-5 Molecular FormulaC9H12FN Molecular Weight 153.199 Boiling Point 210.8 Cat760mmHg Purity97% Packaging50g;1kg;5kg Usageintermediates,drug discovery