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Copper carbonate

CAS:1 Product spec:CuCO3
Range of copper carbonate is a blue green compound. This forms a part of the verdigris patina that is found on weathered brass, bronze and copper. Formula: Cu (OH) 2, CuCO3, 2 H2O.
Post Time:[2015-08-26 ]L.C CHEM ENTERPRISES


CAS:3 Product spec:CdS
We are one of the prominent manufacturers of Cadmium Sulphide. This chemical compound is yellow in color and is a semiconductor, by conductivity. In the glass industry, this chemical is used for the c..
Post Time:[2015-08-26 ]L.C CHEM ENTERPRISES

Ethanol Lab Reagent

CAS:64-17-5 Product spec:AR
Kaixin Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972, which transformed into joint-stock companies at April 2014. At the same year, Kaixin Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd successfully and officially logged..

Ammonium Thioglycolate

CAS:5421-46-5 Product spec:70%
Principal Use: It is mainly used in personal care applications for curling ,marceling。Also can be used as PVC stabilizer. Packing: 200L plastic drums.Net Weight:250kg per drum Storage: To be pretect..
Post Time:[2015-08-13 ]Qingdao LNT Chemical Co.,ltd.

optical whitening agent

CAS:16470-24-9 Product spec:anionic
Specification Tetrasulfonated Appearance Amber transparent liquid Ionicity anionic PH 8.0--10.0 Viscosity (25°C) ≤50mpa.s density 1.05—1.2gcm3 Whiteness (WCIE)       ≥ -0.3 Fluorescent stren..
Post Time:[2015-05-08 ]Desheng Paper Making chemical co.,ltd

Mercury Hg Compounds

CAS: Product spec:Reagent grade.
Mercury Chloride: NM-HGC98501 Mercuric Amidochloride: NM-HGC98502 Mercury Sulfate: NM-HGC98503 Mercuric Sulfide: NM-HGC98504 Thimerosal: NM-HGC98505 Mercury Thiocyanate: NM-HGC98506 Mercury Iodi..
Post Time:[2015-05-01 ]Nature Mercury Co., Ltd.

Red Mercury

CAS:20720-76-7 Product spec:99.9999%
Red Mercury: Sb2O7Hg2 Purity: 99.9999% Appearance: Cherry red metal liquid Molecule: 756.7002gmol Density: 2020 Melting Point: -37.67 Boiling Point: 356.72 K Reaction: 0.00015-0.00016 P Reacti..
Post Time:[2015-04-24 ]Nature Mercury Co., Ltd.

Sodium bromide

CAS:7647-15-6 Product spec:98%
offshore oil, marine oil, oil drilling, sensitive photographic film, medicine, dye. Product: Sodium bromide Industrial grade

Tantalum Carbide

CAS: Product spec:NA
It has very strong covalent bonds in their structure producing a hard and brittle material. It has very high degree of stability and resistance thus used to enhance performance of very hard metal mach..
Post Time:[2015-03-01 ]Shanghai Greenearth Chemicals Co.,Ltd

Reactive Blue

CAS: Product spec:Reactive Blue
Pigment are lightfast than dyes when it comes to coloring process and they help in imparting color through ive absorption, however, lasts longer. These are applied in emulsion paint as well as cement ..
Post Time:[2015-01-23 ]Nilkanth Group of Industries