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CAS:84-51-5 Product spec:In 25kg woven bag with inner film or upon customers demands
2-乙基蒽醌 2-Ethyl-anthraquinone RAW MATERIAL FOR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CAS Number:84-51-5 Applications:2-Ethyl-anthraquinone can be used as a photoinitiator of crosslinking or degradation of polyethyl..
Post Time:[2019-07-23 ]Shandong Yubin Chemical CO.,LTD

Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP)

CAS:6419-19-8 Product spec:50% 95%
ATMP has excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion ability. It can prevent scale formation, calcium carbonate in particular, in water system.ATMP has good chemical stability..
Post Time:[2019-03-18 ]Shandong Boke Water Treatment Co.,Ltd

aluminium pigment for coating and paint

CAS:7429-90-5 Product spec:25kg/drum
Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment Co., Ltd., the largest specialized manufacturer of aluminium pigments in China which has more than 30 years of manufacturing experiences with a current workforce of over 400 ..
Post Time:[2018-09-27 ]zhangqiu metallic pigment co.,ltd

Carbon Monoxide CO

CAS:630-08-0 Product spec:Carbon Monoxide CO
Carbon Monoxide CO CAS No.: 630-08-0 EINECS No.: 211-128-3 UN No.: UN1016 Purity: 99.9%-99.99% Dot Class: 2.1 & 2.3 Appearance: Colorless Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medic..

Inorganic Chemical Calcium Peroxide Powder CaO2

CAS:1305-79-9 Product spec:50--75%
Calcium peroxide is an ecologically pure substance, which can be used in different fields of industry and agriculture. In environmental protection it is used: for treating waste water and remediatio..

Hydrogen H2

CAS:1333-74-0 Product spec:Hydrogen H2
Hydrogen H2 CAS No.: 1333-74-0 EINECS No.: 215-605-7 UN No.: UN1049 Purity: 99.995%-99.999% Dot Class: 2.1 Appearance: Colorless, flammable, odorless gas. Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Me..

Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6

CAS:2551-62-4 Product spec:Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6
Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 CAS No.: 2551-62-4 EINECS No.: 219-854-2 UN No.: UN1080 Purity: 99.995%-99.999% Dot Class: 2.2 Appearance: Colorless Grade Standard: Electronic Grade, Industrial Gra..

Methyl Chloride CH3Cl

CAS:74-87-3 Product spec:Methyl Chloride CH3Cl
Methyl Chloride CH3Cl CAS No.: 74-87-3 EINECS No.: 200-817-4 UN No.: UN1063 Purity: 99.5%-99.95% Dot Class: 2.1 Appearance: Colorless Liquid Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Refrigerant Gr..

Oxygen O2

CAS:7782-44-7 Product spec:Oxygen O2
Oxygen O2 CAS No.: 7782-44-7 EINECS No.: 231-956-9 UN No.: UN1072 Purity: 99.995%-99.9997% Dot Class: 2.2 Appearance: Colorless Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Medical Grade, Electronic G..

Nitrogen N2

CAS:7727-37-9 Product spec:Nitrogen N2
Nitrogen N2 CAS No.: 7727-37-9 EINECS No.: 231-783-9 UN No.: UN1066 Purity: 99.999%-99.9999% Dot Class: 2.2 Appearance: Colorless Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Electronic Gr..
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