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Phenol compounds
Product List


CAS:2835-98-5 Product spec:99%
Cas No. 2835-98-5 Spec. Appearance: light yellow to light brown powder Purity: 99% min Packing: 25kg net fiber drum
Post Time:[2010-09-19 ]Hangzhou Gangjin Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Cupric Chloride

CAS: Product spec:98%
Also used as Pharma,Fine Chemicals and dyes. We produce Di hydrate Cupric Chloride that are authentic and dependable in decisive applications. Specifications: Appearance Green Crystalline Powder ..
Post Time:[2010-08-31 ]Shan Chemicals


CAS:106-44-5 Product spec:--
High-purity para-cresol finds use in antioxidants, such as BHT, and in specialty resins, UV blockers for sunscreens, and fragrances.
Post Time:[2010-08-20 ]Merisol USA LLC


CAS: Product spec:--
These xylenols are commonly used in the manufacture of antioxidants, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, wire enamel solvents, phosphate esters and other blended products.
Post Time:[2010-08-20 ]Merisol USA LLC


CAS:108-39-4 Product spec:--
High-purity meta-cresol is utilized in agricultural chemicals, and in specialty resins, pharmaceuticals and pressure-sensitive dyes.
Post Time:[2010-08-20 ]Merisol USA LLC

Butylated Hydroxy Toluene

CAS:128-37-0 Product spec:--
Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT) 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol (DBPC) 2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methyl-phenol C6H2(C4H9)2 (CH3)OH C15H24O Molecular Weight: 220.34 CAS# 128-37-0 EINECS (EU) 204-88-14
Post Time:[2010-08-20 ]Merisol USA LLC


CAS:16292-95-8 Product spec:--
Product Name: 3-methoxy-4-nitrophenol Synonyms: 3-methoxy-4-nitrophenol CAS: 16292-95-8 MF: MW: 0 EINECS: Mol File: 16292-95-8.mol
Post Time:[2010-08-19 ]Shanghai Ennopharm Co., Ltd

zinc oxide

CAS:1314-13-2 Product spec:99.7%
Detailed introduction : Molecular Formula: ZnO Molecular Weight: 81.39 Cas No.: 1314-13-2 HS Code: 28170010 Standard executed: GBT3185-92 Properties :White hexagonal crystal system crystallin..
Post Time:[2010-08-18 ]shijiazhuang bangte chemical


CAS:99627-05-1 Product spec:--
Post Time:[2010-08-13 ]Chemrio International Limited


CAS:2105-94-4 Product spec:--
Synonyms: 4-BROMO-2-FLUOROPHENOL;2-Fluoro-4-Bromophenol;4-Bromo-2-fluorophenol 98%;4-Bromo-2-fluorophenol98%;4-Bromo-2-fluorophenol, 97+%Molecular Formula: C6H4BrFO Molecular Weight: 191.00 Densi..
Post Time:[2010-08-13 ]Chemrio International Limited
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