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Phenol compounds
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CAS:2082-79-3 Product spec:Octadecyl β - (3,5-di- tert -butyl-4-hydroxy phenyl)-propionate
Molecular formula C35H62O3 Molecular Weight 530.87 CAS# 2082-79-3 Introduction: This product is a nonpollutingnontoxic Antioxidant with good heat-resisting and water-extracting performance. ..

Phosphoric Acid

CAS: Product spec:Content: 75%,81%,85% min. or produce as per your requirement.
White transparent crystal combining two crystal water, Melting Point: 101°C-102°C, Specific Gravity:1.653, easily sublimate at 100°C, easily dissolve in alcohol and water. Brand: QingDao Ya’Ao Sp..
Post Time:[2010-11-22 ]QingDao Ya’Ao Chemicals Co., Ltd.

3’,4-dichlorodiphenyl ether

CAS:6842-62-2 Product spec:≥99%
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid MolecularFormula: C12H8Cl2O Formula Weight: 239.16 Purity(GC): ≥99% mp: 113℃ refraction: 1.5950 (25℃)
Post Time:[2010-11-19 ]Changsha Xinben Chemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:539-15-1 Product spec:98%
1. Helping liberate norepinephrine from stores 2. Inhibiting its metabolism and leading to increased levels of mental and physical stimulation 3. Preventing the breakdown of PEA within the body. ..
Post Time:[2010-11-09 ]XI'AN UNION PHARMPRO CO., LTD.


CAS:108-95-2 Product spec:phenol
Item Molecular formula C6H6O Molar mass 94.00g mo1 appearance White crystalline solid density 1.0567gcm3 Melting point 43 Boiling point 181.7 Solubility in ..


CAS:135-19-3 Product spec:99.1%
Commodity name: 2- Naphthol CAS No.: 135-19-3 Apperance: white or yellow-white flake or powder No wate first melting point ℃:120℃ 2-Naphthol % min: 99.1% 1-Naphthol % max:0.2% Water ..


CAS:3964-56-5 Product spec:99%
Intermediate for Profenofos

Tetrabromobisphenol A bis (2,3-dibromopropyl ether)

CAS:21850-44-2 Product spec:66%min
Product name:Tetrabromobisphenol A bis (2,3-dibromopropyl ether)Uses: Mainly used for plasticson flame-retardant, widely used for PP,PE,PS,ABS resin, rubber, fiber,etc, high molecular material and ele..
Post Time:[2010-09-26 ]Weifang Graceland Chemicals Co., Ltd.


CAS:89-83-8 Product spec:99%
1, Control of bee mites 2, Preservation of books. 3, Others: in anesthetic Halothane , playing the role of anti-corrosion effect. Is also commonly used in cigarettes, one of 599 kinds of additives..

4-tert-Butyl phenol

CAS:98-54-4 Product spec:99%
Cas No. 98-54-4 Spec. Appearance: white flaky crystal Purity: 99% min Phenol: 0.1% max Moisture: 0.2% max M.P.:: 97 c min Color (APHA): 50 max Packing: 5kg bag
Post Time:[2010-09-19 ]Hangzhou Gangjin Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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