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Phenol compounds
Product List

Dicumyl Peroxide

CAS:80-43-3 Product spec:99.5%
Molecular formula C14H6Cl4O4 Molecular weight 380.01 CAS NO. 133-14-2 UN NO. 3106 CN NO. 52048 EINECS. 205-094-9 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl peroxide
Post Time:[2014-11-21 ]Tianjin Icason Technology Co.,Ltd


CAS:84989-04-8 Product spec:99% Min.
Product Name: m,p-Cresol Alias: Cresol mp mixture; ;Meta Para Cresol; CAS No.: 84989-04-8 Molecular Formula: C7H8O Molecular Weight: 108.14 Structural Formu..
Post Time:[2014-02-12 ]Shandong Aoertong Chemical Co Ltd

triphenyl phosphite

CAS:101-02-0 Product spec:98% min
Product English name: Triphenyl Phosphite Cas no.: 101-02-0 HS no.: 2920901920209085 Hazard Class: 9 Detailed specification Physical Appearance : Clear Colorless Liquid CAS Reg. No. : 101-02-0..
Post Time:[2013-05-10 ]taizhou sunny chemical co.,ltd.

Direct Fast Black G

CAS:19 Product spec:strength 100%
Annual output :20,000mts
Post Time:[2012-12-27 ]Tianjin Yadong International Ltd

Optical Brightener OB-1

CAS:1533-45-5 Product spec:OB-1
OB-1 is used widely in the plastic market. Because of its excellent brightening ability,good thermal stability,and compatibility with many polymers. Key words: optical brightening agent OB-1, optical..
Post Time:[2012-11-06 ]Jinan Subang Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd

Methyl chlorodifluoroacetate

CAS:1514-87-0 Product spec:>98%
Our Methyl chlorodifluoroacetate products are Methyl chlorodifluoroacetate with assay 98%. For being one kind of colorless transparent liquid, this chemical should be kept in the cool, dry, well venti..
Post Time:[2012-10-24 ]Hangzhou Baokai Bio-Chemicals Co.,Ltd


CAS:00080-05-07 Product spec:MT
Appearance: White, Solid P.C. grade and Epoxy Grade Molecular formula: C15H16O2 Molecular weight: 228.3
Post Time:[2012-10-22 ]HK kin Tung international


CAS:95-87-4 Product spec:>99.5%
2,5-Dimethylphenol, CAS No. 95-87-4;
Post Time:[2012-07-27 ]TAIZHOU BELUCKY CO.,LTD.


CAS:56718-71-9 Product spec:


CAS:128-37-0 Product spec:Food grade, Technical grade
Butyl Hydroxy Toluene (BHT) is a low molecular weight, non-staining hindered-phenol antioxidant commonly used in plastics, rubber, elastomers, petroleum, oil products, foods and other items.
Post Time:[2012-07-10 ]Zaozhuang Hailong Chemical Co., Ltd.
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