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Snowmelt agent

CAS:734-68 Product spec:The net weight is 50 kilograms
Snowmelt is a chemical. The main components are potassium acetate and chlorine salts, which are classified. By reducing the melting temperature of snow and ice, the melting agent can melt the snow on ..
Post Time:[2018-12-04 ]Hunan chemical group

Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane[TRIS Ultra Pure]

CAS:77-86-1 Product spec:10000
CAS No.: 77-86-1 Molecular Formula: C4H11NO3 Molecular Weight: 121.1 Usage: Used as pharmaceutical intermediates, Chemical intermediates, organic synthesize intermediates Package: 25kg Paper Bag,..


CAS:616-45-5 Product spec:10000
Product Name: 2-Pyrrolidinone Synonyms: Butyrolactam, a-pyrrolidone CAS Nr.: 616-45-5 EINECS: 210-483-1 Molecular Formula: C4H7NO Molecular Weight: 85.10 Chemical Structure: Physic..

N-Ethyl pyrrolidone (NEP)

CAS:2687-91-4 Product spec:10000
Product Name: N-Ethyl pyrrolidone (NEP) Synonyms: N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidone CAS No.: 2687-91-4 EINECS: 220-25-0 Molecular Formula: C6H11NO Molecular Weight: 113.16 Physical properties: NEP is..

PVP-K (Povidone)

CAS:9003-39-8 Product spec:10000
Product Name: PVP-K (Povidone) Synonyms: PVP K30 K15,Polyvinyl pyrrolidone CAS No.: 9003-39-8 EINECS: **** Molecular Formula: (C6H9NO)n Molecular Weight: **** Physical properties: White p..


CAS:25249-54-1 Product spec:10000
Product Name: PVPP Synonyms: Crospovidone CAS No.: 25249-54-1 EINECS: *** Molecular Formula: (C6H9NO)n Molecular Weight: *** Physical properties: White or creamy white powder with faint c..

N-Octyl pyrrolidone (NOP)

CAS:2687-94-7 Product spec:10000
Product Name: N-Octyl pyrrolidone (NOP) Synonyms: N-Octyl-2-pyrrolidone CAS No.: 2687-94-7 EINECS: 403-700-8 Molecular Formula: C12H23NO Molecular Weight: 197.3 Physical properties: Color..

N-Vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP)

CAS:88-12-0 Product spec:10000
Product Name: N-Vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP) Synonyms: N-Vinylpyrrolidone CAS No.: 88-12-0 EINECS: 201-800-4 Molecular Formula: C6H9NO Molecular Weight: 111.1 Physical properties: Colorless tr..

DMSO-d6 (Dimethylsulfoxide-d6)

CAS:2206-27-1 Product spec:99.8
1- Its isotopic enrichment is more than 99.8 atom D% 2- It is packaged in 25 gr to 2.5 kg glass bottles. 3- Its water content is less than 0.03% 4- Chemical purity more than 99.9%
Post Time:[2018-03-09 ]Mesbah Energy

D2O ( heavy water, deuterium oxide)

CAS:7789-20-0 Product spec:99.95 atom D%
1- It is virgin heavy water and its tritium is not detectable in the range of 2 μCi L 2- Its isotopic enrichment is more than 99.95 atom D% 3- It is packaged in 50 kg keg under Nitrogen gas blank..
Post Time:[2018-02-27 ]Mesbah Energy
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