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Polyetheramine HF-T5000

CAS: Product spec:Polyetheramine HF-T5000
HOUFA POLYETHER AMINE T Series products are triamines prepared by reaction of PO with a triol initiator, followed by amination of the terminal hydroxyl groups.Because of its characteristic structure, ..
Post Time:[2021-04-08 ]Hebei Houfa New Materials Co., Ltd

C5 Hydrocarbon Resin for Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

CAS:64742-6-1 Product spec:S.P100,Color 4#
Deion: TR5100 hydrocarbon resin is a low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbon resin that has been designed for hot melt road marking system. It can enhance the adhesion and hardness of road marking..
Post Time:[2020-12-29 ]Puyang Tennants Chemical Co.,Ltd


CAS:629-59-4 Product spec:99% 98%
Normal Tetradecane Normal Paraffine C14 Cas number: 629-59-4 Phase Change Material 5C PCM5C Purity: 99% min
Post Time:[2020-05-27 ]PCMs Tehnology Co.,Ltd.


CAS:544-76-3 Product spec:99%
Normal Hexadecane Normal Paraffine C16 Cas number: 544-76-3 Phase Change Material 18C PCM18C Purity: 99% min
Post Time:[2020-05-27 ]PCMs Tehnology Co.,Ltd.


CAS:593-45-3 Product spec:99%
Normal Octadecane Normal Paraffine C18 Cas number: 593-45-3 Phase Change Material 28C PCM28C Purity: 99% min
Post Time:[2020-05-27 ]PCMs Tehnology Co.,Ltd.


CAS:123-91-1 Product spec:99.5% Min
Appearance : Colourless Liquid Residue on distillation :0.01% Max Purity WT PCT: 99.5% Min Moisture: 0.1% Max Acidity : 0.01%Max Peroxide : 0.005% Max Density : 1.030-1.035gml(20℃)
Post Time:[2020-02-21 ]Henan Multiple Group

2-Ethyl Anthroquinone

CAS:84-51-5 Product spec:99% Min
Appearance : Light yellow flake powder Purity: 99% Min Moisture: 0.20% Max Melting point ℃ : 107.3 Benzene insoluble: 0.05%Max Iron content: 5ppm Max Chlorine content: 10ppm Max Sulfur content..
Post Time:[2020-02-21 ]Henan Multiple Group

Tri(2-ethylhexyl) Phosphate Trioctyl Phosphate

CAS:78-42-2 Product spec:99% Min
Appearance : Colourless transparent oily liquid Purity: 99% Min Acidity mgKOHg :0.1 Max Density (20℃)gcm3: 0.924±0.003 Flash Point ℃: 192 Min Surface tension(20-25℃)mN m: 18 Min Viscosity(Centip..
Post Time:[2020-02-21 ]Henan Multiple Group


CAS:504-63-2 Product spec:99.8% Min
Appearance: Colourless viscous Liquid Purity: 99.8% Min Chroma Hazen (APHA): 10 Max Moisture: 1000PPM Max
Post Time:[2020-02-21 ]Henan Multiple Group

Lauramidopropyl Betaine (30%)

CAS:61789-40-0 Product spec:30%±2
Appearance: Colorless or light yellow Lauramidopropyl Betaine Content %: 30±2 Sodium chloride Content %: 7.0 Max Water Content %: 63 - 67 Color and Luster (Hazen): 150 Max PH: 4.5 - 8 Free Amine..
Post Time:[2020-02-21 ]Henan Multiple Group
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