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Equipment List

Buttterfly Valves

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Ball valves with pressure and temperature ratings shell material and more with seat, packing and gasket materials as seals are linked. Seal can be polymer materials, asbestos rubber seal material or t..
Post Time:[2013-12-26 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

Piston Valves

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The piston valve is closed by a combination of stainless steel pistons, fluctuation two elastic sealing and can keep up the metal frame fixed distance. The piston like as in two sealing stopper. Body ..
Post Time:[2010-04-19 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

Diaphragm pump for microbial limit test

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
A complete microbial limit test system consists of pump, manifolds, funnel, filtration membrane, the diaphragm pump is part of the system: -Small size for easy use in laminar flow hoods. -I..

product available ETIZOLAM(Alprazolam) Manufacture from China Wh

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
5F-MDMB-2201 ,2FDCK ,4FADB, 5FADB ,Eutylone , alprazolam ,bkedbp By DHl about 3-5 days Westernunion;Bitcoin; MoneyGram Aluminum foil bag Email Whatsapp Wecha..
Post Time:[2020-03-04 ]Qichen Biopharmaceutical limited

Fuel Injector Nozzle DLLA150p1437 Hot Sale High Quality

Unit Type:DLLA150p1437 Equipment spec:Injector Nozzle
China luotng Parts Plant is a professional company which has manufactured Head Rotors | Diesel Nozzle | Diesel Plunger | Delivery Valves | Pencil Nozzles | Repair Kit etc... for more than 28 years in ..
Post Time:[2018-10-10 ]China luotng Parts Plant

Suction Pump

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Single piston cylinder; no lubrication or daily maintenance; no pollution to the environment High flow, high vacuum, good performance and fast vacuum build-up. The vacuum can be regulated by the va..
Post Time:[2018-07-21 ]Longfian Scitech Co.,Ltd.

Drain cylinder mesh

Unit Type:filter Equipment spec:
Drain cylinder mesh filtration systems

Common Rail Nozzle DLLA150P1512 0 433 171 933 Hot Sale High Qual

Unit Type:DLLA150P1512 Equipment spec:Injector Nozzle
Common Rail is now the most common fuel system in diesel vehicles. Diesel engine performance and emissions are closely related to fuel atomization and spray processes, which in turn are strongly influ..
Post Time:[2018-01-26 ]China luotng Parts Plant

Bottle Liquid Scanner DP1000

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
With professional bottle liquid scanner dp1000 factory, Shenzhen Defense Plus Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading China bottle liquid scanner dp1000 manufacturer and supplier. Welcome to wholesale product..

Portable Narcotics Trace Detector DP300

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
With professional portable narcotics trace detector DP300 factory, Shenzhen Defense Plus Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading China portable narcotics trace detector dp300 manufacturer and supplier. Welcom..
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