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Equipment List

drilling mud shear pump

Unit Type:TRJQB6545/TRJBQ6535 Equipment spec:new drilling fluid shear pump for solid control
TRJQB series shear pump has the following functions Shear Pump Shear can greatly improve hydration degree of soil particle moving. Move soil particle in the water dispersion and hydration degree dep..

Sand Pump

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
sand pumps are supplementary pumps, newly designed and manufactured according to features of petroleum and natural gas drilling equipment. Such pumps, adopting axial suction structures and using wear-..
Post Time:[2016-05-30 ]HL Mud Cleaning Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Bomco/Emsco F-1000 Mud Pump

Unit Type:set Equipment spec:
1. The fluid end assembly mainly consists of fluid end, valve assembly, liners and pistons. Fluid end is made of forged alloy steel and three fluid ends of each pump are interchangeable. The suct..

electronic pumps

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
electronic pumps
Post Time:[2016-05-09 ]Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc.

Buttterfly Valves

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Ball valves with pressure and temperature ratings shell material and more with seat, packing and gasket materials as seals are linked.
Post Time:[2016-04-05 ]Guichon Valves

Infusion Pump

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Large LCD display, with backlight, suitable for working in various ambient light conditions. Disposable IV set of any brand is suitable for this pump Three working modes: RateVolumeTime mode Purge,..
Post Time:[2016-03-28 ]Shenzhen Osen Technology Co., Ltd.

Portable Under Vehicle Scanning System UVSS DP3000

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
With professional portable under vehicle scanning system uvss dp3000 factory, Shenzhen Defense Plus Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading China portable under vehicle scanning system uvss dp3000 manufacture..

Bomco/Emsco F-500 Mud Pump

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
F series mud pump is applicable to the requirement of high pump pressure in oilfield and high displacement technology of well drilling with its solid and compact structure, small volume and outstandin..

KL-51 Water Pump

Unit Type:KL-51 Equipment spec:
Company Name:Kelilong Electron Co.,Ltd Product description: Discharge Bore 50 mm Motor Output 0.15 kW Phase Single Revolution 30003600 50Hz60Hzmin ..
Post Time:[2013-02-26 ]Kelilong Electron Co.,Ltd

Slide valves

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The driver has rotary manual and automatic (machinery, electromagnetic) two kinds.
Post Time:[2012-03-29 ]Guichon Valves
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