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Hunan Fushel Technology Limited

Fushel (Hunan Fushel Technology Limited), is a professional scientific research and engineering material manufacturer and supplier, which produces and provides 2N-7N (99% - 99.9999%) high purity and ultra-high purity powder, particle, plate, tube, wire, foil, target, crucible, crystal, substrate and other metals, alloys, and ceramic materials. Based on the international market, our products are exported to universities, scientific research institutions and high-tech enterprises in dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Since its establishment, we have been adhering to the artisanship spirit of "honesty and trustworthiness" and "preciseness and pragmatism", and strive to provide customers with high-quality, accurate and reliable scientific research and engineering materials. We professionally solve all kinds of materials required by customers and solve their worries about material needs.

Phone:86 731 8974 7657

hixmas Biotech shanghai company Limited

Hixmas Biotech UK Company Limited is a world-renowned microbial control agent , Research and Development Company. Headquartered in London,With our Asia’s R&D and Corporate Office located in Shanghai-China. Our products are industrial disinfectants, fungicides, preservatives, mold inhibitors, algaecides and other products use in paints and emulsion development, Health and Fitness development, fluid control development and light chemical product development. Hixmas biotech UK Company Limited microbial control technology provides the coatings and emulsion industry with full range of microbial control solutions from production, storage and transportation to application, meeting product quality assurance and environmental regulations.


Tongling Yuguo Balancing Materials Co.,Ltd

Tongling Yuguo Balancing Materials Co., Ltd was founded 2010 in tongling city, which has been called "The Chinese oldest copper capital" and so many legend tales. We mainly make minerals products and Chemical intermediates. They are inculde: Ferro sulphur, balancing ore and hematite one and so on. Chemical intermediate has Dimethyl Carbonate, Propylene glycol and iron oxide pigments . We also have exporting license for these products. The sales markets spray from domestic to worldwide. If you have interest in our products and service, pls contact with us. Tel +86 562 5831089 Fax + 86 562 5831860 Whatsapp +86 13605622194 Email Website Add Floor 12 Wantai Huifu Plaza Economic development zone


Hangzhou coolwe chemical co.,ltd

Hangzhou coolwe chemical co.,ltd is specializing in the production R134A R290 R404A R407C R R410A R417C R507 R600A R600 R227EA R125 ECT ,besides we have welding tools for refrigeration.mapp gas & propane, mapp pro are our superior products in China...... accumulated a great experience in business and has developed into one of the most prominent and the largest suppliers and producers of Compressor,mapp gas,welding torch,propane gas ,fan Motor, Component, and Refrigerant and A/C spare parts systems in mainland, China.



Henan Aslan Chemical (Aslan) Co., Ltd is a private holding group company specialized in manufacturing surfactants and its allied products. The factory is located Henan province,100 km away from Zhengzhou city, has a closed area of 12.000m within a total area of 70.000 m2, Annual production capacity 50.000 tons of Powder Detergent, 25.000 tons of Liquid Detergent and 160.000 tons of Detergent Raw Materials Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA), Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES), Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium alpha-olefin Sulfonate (AOS), etc. Supplying the outstanding materials with affordable prices is what we focus on. Aslan Chemical accept pre-shipment inspections for all customers without any hesitation. We are open for business cooperation, all of your containers loading at factory could be made under your supervisory control by a video link, if required. In the last two years, we have been exporting to over 25 countries such as USA, Canada, German, Hungary, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, UAE, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, South Africa, Uganda, etc. Aslan Chemicals is aiming to consumer awareness of its brands in the global market with its vision of becoming a regional powerhouse.


HeBei DuLing International Trade co., LTD

Hebei duling International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang, the pharmaceutical capital of China. Our company operates in various forms, including production, sales and overseas trade. At the same time, we can provide biotechnology development, consultation, exchange and promotion, technical research of biomass energy, agricultural scientific research and experimental development, etc. Our core sector is the R & D, production and sales of pesticide additives and pesticide intermediates. My Contact Method: Email: Whatsapp: +86 18032673083


Hubei Horwath Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Hubei Horwath Biotechnology was established in 2013. It is located at National High-tech Zone in Xianning City, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters and R&D center 5000 square meters. It is a high-tech enterprise, focusing on animal gut health and engaged in R&D, production and service for green feed additives and food additives. As a premier tributyrin manufacturer, Horwath Bio has become a leading enterprisein the field of feed additives and innovative enterprise in the field of food additives in China. The company has obtained kinds of domestic and international certification, such as EU FAMI-QS, ISO22000, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001,US FDA registration,HALAL etc. Horwath BIO has got advanced esterification synthesis line, extraction production line of natural plant active ingredients, biological fermentation line, microcapsule coated preparation production line, mixed-addition production line, etc. Several high-tech products such as tributyrin, natural plant active ingredients ,coated essential oils andpostbiotics have been applied by large feed enterprises and food groups form more than 20 countries around the world.


Hebei senfeng new materials co.,ltd .

We are a professional large-scale chemical materials agency and manufacturer which integrating development and production. We produce all kinds of preservative and additive or water treatment commodities. Our products such as sodium benzoate, aspartame,white latex are highly praised by customers for their high quality and competitive price. get a good reputation and great favor from the customers. 


Zephyr Synthesis Pvt ltd

We are manufacturer of chiral resolving agents. We are the preferred vendors for various blue chip Pharma companies in India as well as in the global market.


Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.,Ltd.

Shincell is a company dedicated to developing sustainable foaming technologies and manufacturing clean, environmentally friendly lightweight foam materials. We use N2 and CO2 gases commonly found in the air to expand plastics and form a large number of micro and nano bubbles inside, a purely physical foaming process.