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Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.

UIV Chem is a future -oriented scientific enterprise, is committed to using the power of science for human to seek sustainable development solutions, "make life better" is her eternal mission. Now, Our excellent products have been serving in many leading companies in the field of OLED display, OLED light, environmental protection, new energy,chemistry, medicine, biology,etc. and leading a lot of industry technological innovation. UIV Chem is an innovative company based on global demand for sustainable development. UIV Chem gets rapid and steady growth since 2009 founded, With more than 50 innovations and patents, and was assessed as “Shanghai high-tech enterprises” . Now built huge R & D centers, 1k class clean room and 2 production bases, also established close cooperative relationships with many prestigious universities. With business expanded continuously, UIV Chem divided all the business into 2 divisions: OLED material and OLED Light. By strengthening the powers and responsibilities of the division, we aims to provide products and decisions closer to our customers. UIV Chem constantly build top experimental environment and introduce scientists level of professional talents, We realized shorter R & D cycles and lower research costs compared to competitors through our many years' research, successful know-how in related businesses, and optimized environment.UIV Chem take good advantage of cost control and supply top-quality products worldwide to maximize customer value.


Hebei Granray Husbandry Co.,Ltd

Glycine, L - lysine hydrochloride , L - alanine, DL - alanine, DL methionine , L - cysteine , L - cysteine hydrochloride , L - threonine , scallops element, L - glutamic acid , L - arginine, L leucine, L - tyrosine amino acid series products


Shijiazhuang Suking Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2012, Shijiazhuang Suking Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province. Is engaged in pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary intermediates, chemical raw materials of chemical enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has established good cooperative relations with more than 20 countries. The company has advanced equipment, technical support, products in line with environmental management requirements. Over the years, with hard work and advanced technology in China's chemical industry has made outstanding achievements. We pay attention to the whole trade process from product exploitation to R & D to transportation. High purity, low price and short delivery time. The company has always been adhering to the "open, flexible, integrity, win-win business philosophy, and strive to expand the international market, we are committed to providing high-quality products and services for friends around the world. We truly achieve the "going out" strategy, and welcome customers from all walks of life to visit the company and discuss business. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.


Shijiazhuang Chiyuen Food Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Chiyuen Food Technology Co., Ltd. - Glycine (Aminoacetic Acid) manufacturer with annual capacity 32,000 MT of technical grade and 12,000 MT of FCC/USP/EP/BP food and feed grade. - Qualification Certificates: REACH registered,ISO9001:2015,FSSC22000,FAMI-QS, Kosher, Halal - The best quality assurance of Glycine industry in China - Committed to maintaining the highest level in all products and service - There is warehouse in Europe to meet customers' urgent needs Main products: Glycine Sodium glycinate Sodium glycine carbonate Welcome to contact us for enquiry! Shijiazhuang Chiyuen Food Technology Co., Ltd. Email:


Benepure Pharmaceutical Co., ltd.

Benepure Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established in 2004 and headquartered in China(Sichuan) Free Trade Area, is a professional manufacturer and research institution, serving the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetics, natural foods and animal nutrition industries by providing a diverse range of over 300 unique beneficial ingredients.


Quzhou Ebright Chemicals Co.,Ltd

Quzhou Ebright Chemicals Co., Ltd was first established in 1987, now is developing into supplier of Preservatives, Biocides,UV Filters and Active Ingredients for the personal care and pharmaceutical industries. Our product range are as follows, 1. Preservatives: Allantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, DMDM Hydantoin , Parabens (methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben) and their sodium , Phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, salicylic acid, methyl salicylates, etc 2. Biocides: Chlorhexidine Acetate, Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution, PHMB, PHMG Isothiazolione, including Kathon (CMIT/MIT),BIT, MIT, OIT Triclosan, Triclocarban(TCC), Chloroxylenol (PCMX) 3. UV filters products including octocrylene, avobenzone, bemotrizinol, ethylhexyl triazone, etc. 4. Surfectant: LAS, AES, AESA, K12, CAB, Span, Tween, etc. 5. API & Intermediate We believe in creating value for all our stakeholders and are constantly refining our processes and improving product quality standards. Hope we could have chance to cooperate in the further.


BioFuran Materials LLC

BioFuran Materials has developed a chemical manufacturing platform rooted in the intensive utilization of local resources. Using this platform, we seek to convert non-value discarded food wastes to renewable chemical building blocks that can be easily converted into biodegradable organometallics and organics that industry uses to make deicing salts, dehumidifying desiccants, secondary coolants, laboratory reagents, ceramic precursors, organic disinfecting bleaches, and therapeutics. The use of discarded foods in chemical manufacturing diverts and reduces the amount of municipal solid wastes that would otherwise end up at our landfills. At landfills, discarded organic foods slowly decompose releasing toxins to the air we breathe or into our fresh water where toxins may harm people. Hence BioFuran Materials' chemical manufacturing platform does not only help clean the air or cut down on air- or water-borne infections but the short chain fatty acid chemicals produced are superior (performance wise) and safer to use than the traditional mineral acid-based salts such as chlorides, fluorides, bromides, iodides, sulfates, and nitrates; that we have become accustomed on our roads, schools, airports, homes, businesses, hospitals, gyms, and everywhere else.



Henan Holywell Co., Ltd.

Henan Holywell Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in Hollow Glass Microspheres manufacturing and exporting. Since the establishment, Holywell has the target to become a global professional supplier & Innovator of Hollow Glass Microspheres. Holywell is fully committed to the research, manufacturing and exporting of Hollow Glass Microspheres. Now we can supply decades specifications of Hollow Glass Microspheres, which can meet requirement of aerospace vehicles, solid buoyancy materials, reflection-type thermal insulation paints, low density drilling fluids and cement slurry etc. By the spirit of innovative, Holywell is devoted to developing new product to satisfy the clients’ new demand and keep improving the performance of the products. Having the technological innovation, strict quality management system and the professional service performance, Holywell has gained very close partnership with various famous companies in the world. With the company value “Customer First, Quality Foremost”, Holywell Strives to add more values to our customer’s success!


PCMs Tehnology Co.,Ltd.

Our company PCMs Tehnology Co.,Ltd., specialized in Normal Paraffins for many years,we have our own factory in China and Thailand, supplying high qulity normal paraffins, including Normal Tetradecane, Normal Hexadecane, Normal Heptadecane, Normal Octadecane etc. Our products are highly recommanded by our clients and we have establish long term cooperation with many big brands of cold chain package companies wordwide.


zhengzhou cinogel biotech co.,ltd

ZHENGZHOU CINOGEL BIOTECH CO.,LTD a professional chinese manufacturer with annual production capacity of over 500 tons Gellan Gum.(both High Acyl Gellan Gum & Low Acyl Gellan Gum)


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