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HuangShan QiangLi Chemical

QiangLi Chemical is the leading manufacturer of silicone oil /silicone in primary form. Engaging in the research and development, production and distribution of high-end chemical fiber additives and silicone products for various industries.



Swapnroop Research pvt ltd is a Hitech Company in India that specializes in contract manufacturing, wholesaler and Exporter of APIs, KSMs, Veterinary APIs, Biopharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Reagents, Solvents, Solutions, Adjuvants, Excipients, Ingredients, Food & Feed Additives, Intermediates, Resolving Agents, Building Blocks, Precursors, Prodrugs, Analogs, Impurities, Reference Standards, Inerts, Fillers, Bulking Agent, Diluents, Binders, Coating Agents, Disintegrants, Adsorbents, Desiccants, Humectants, Occlusives, Astringents, Suspending Agents, Glidants, Anticaking Agents, Lubricants, Emollients, Fire Retardants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Rust Removers, Polymers, Surfactants, Wetting Agents, Tonicifiers, Texturizers, Emulsifiers, Stabilizing Agents, Plasticizers, Foaming Agents, Defoamers, Dispersants, Colloids, Adhesives, Waxes, Stiffening Agents, Colorants, Pigments, Mordants, Dyes, Stains, Indicators, Metallic & Alloy Powders, Flocculants, Coagulants, Bleaching Agents, Chelants, Resins, Charcoals, Oleochemicals, Oleoresins, Resinoids, Capsaicinoids, Essential Oils, Spices, Herbals, Extracts, Concentrates, Plant Derivatives, Growth Promoters, Essences, Flavours, Flavourants, Fragrances, Perfumes, Aromatics, Odorants, Tastants, Cleansers, Bleaching Agents, Disinfectants, Sanitizers, Sterilants, Protectants, Hormones, Enzymes, Cofactors, Catalysts, Ligands, Acidulants, Acidity Regulators, Alkalizers, Buffering Agents, Condiments, Fortifying Agents, Leavening Agents, Sequestrants, Preservatives, Fixatives, Antioxidants, Collagens, Gellants, Thickeners, Sweeteners, Salts, Gums, Nanoparticles, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Nutraceuticals , Fruits and Food Grains, with Wide range of quality and affordable products to a large number of professionals and Patients, to more than 50 Countries across the Globe.


Hons (Hebei) New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Hons (Hebei) New Material Technology Co. Ltd is a scientific and technological company integrating product research and development, manufacturing and tradi-ng of chemical intermediates, specialized in organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical solvents and agrochemical products. We produce and provide phenacetin powder, fluffy powder phenacetin, phenacetin crystal, Alpha Bromovalerophenone, Valerophenone, Watermelon ketone and cocoylchloride, etc. We have a long term collaboration with institutions home and abroad, such as the University of Pittsburgh in the US, the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, ensuring a strong product research and development. So far, we have had 35 proprietary technologies and 15 patents, among which 4 patents are of invention type, 11 patents are practical ones, as a top quality supplier around the country. Since 2016, in response to the government guidance, we have been accelerating industrial restructure, enlarging the production capacity gradually. At present, we have over 600 employees, 29 technician; with 11 masters and 4 doctors. With all staffs’ effort, Hons is growing rapidly, products are exported to overseas countries, including Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and South America, well received by customers. With all the practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of all our customers, we strive for continuous improvement in our service, dedicate to the delivery of highest quality products to the world, deeply commit to meeting the needs of our customers, constantly focus on customer satisfaction. We look forward to working together with our peer and friends from all over the world to a new glorious future.


Taizhou Huangyan Fangye Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

Fangye Technology, as a professional manufacturer, we devote to the development, production and sales. Due to the advanced plastic inserting molding machine and experienced technicians, we are able to develop and design new items by ourselves. The products include cryogenic vials, centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, saliva collectors, etc.Abiding by the principle of mutual benefit, reputation first, quality first, we warmly welcome all the client, new or old, home or overseas, to work hand in hand for the bright future.


Biostem Pharma Pvt Ltd

Biostem Pharma Pvt Ltd is the Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company, known to be amongst the most leading manufacturers and suppliers of this impeccable assortment of Pharma Products.


Wuhan Mingyue Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Mingyue Information Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 3 million yuan and is one of the most dynamic foreign trade companies in the Chinese market. We have a pharmaceutical raw material production plant and a reagent R&D center. We now have the most complete product line. In addition, we have developed and produced tens of thousands of reagents. We also have the business of custom synthesis of various organic compounds as a supplement. We can synthesize almost all chemicals. Our goal is to survive by quality and develop by credit.


Arshine Feed Biotech Co., Ltd.

Arshine Feed Biotech Co.,LTD. (Arshine Feed) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Arshine Group. Our products cover a wide range of feed additives, such as Amino acids, Vitamins, Probiotics, Enzymes, Antiseptic, Antioxidant, Acidifier, Neutraceuticals and Coloring Agents etc. The company is committed to improving the nutritional intake for Broilers, Layers, Swines, Ruminants as well as fish-prawn-crab through scientific breeding programs and formulations. source:


Shanxi Belair Import and Export Trade Co.,Ltd.

Shanxi Belair import and export trade Co., Ltd specializes in exporting high quality Chemical raw materials, Pharmaceutical raw materials. Our products are produced on the basis of best technical team, advanced equipment, high qualified management which meet the requirements of security and environmental protection. We earned customer trust and d a good reputation during these years. Our company is always adhering to the ""open, flexible; integrity, and win-win"" business purposes and under the guidance of Business philosophy: ""keeping credit, value quality, punctual delivery, favorable price ", continuously developing the excellent products, improving the service quality, putting efforts to expand the international market, we are committed to provide the excellent quality of products and the perfect services to the friends all over the world. We welcome all merchants to visit our company and talk over business with us! We will provide the most comprehensive products and service to you! We are looking forward to your cooperation.


Zhengzhou yizeli industrial co., ltd

Zhengzhou Yizeli industrial Co., Ltd is an innovative and modern enterprise composed of a group of engineers with more than 20 years of research and development experience. Over the years, engineers have adhered to the "wholehearted innovation, wholehearted service" company philosophy, our product quality has improved continuously, we are committed to the development and application of new products, so that our new products, continue to be pushed to the market; we are committed to ensuring food safety, and contributed for our food industry. Zhengzhou yizeli industrial co., ltd mainly products are food emulsifiers, at the same time, in order to meet the market demand, we launched compound improver products. At present, our main products are food emulsifiers: Diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono-and diglyceride(DATEM), distilled monoglyceride(DMG), sodium stearoyl lactylate(SSL), calcium stearoyl lactylate(CSL), citric acid fatty acid ester of glycerol(CITREM), Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids(PGE), Polyglycerol polyricinoleate(PGPR), Propylene glycol esters of fatty acid(PGMS), Acetylated monoglyceride(ACETEM), Lactic acid esters of mono-and diglycerides(LACTEM), Span-Tween series, etc. The compound improver include: Bread improver, Cake gel, Cake gel emulsifier, Ice cream stabilizer and so on. Our products are mainly used in bread, cakes, biscuits and other baked flour products, as well as fat products such as non-dairy creamer, margarine, etc. At the same time, products should also be used in beverage products, such as ice cream. As a food emulsifiers producer, we are also a faithful partner of compound food ingredients manufacturers, but also the long-term supplier for food ingredients distributors. In order to further meet the request of international customers for product quality, zhengzhou yizeli industrial co., ltd applied and obtained a series of certificates such as ISO22000, RSPO, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL, etc. to fundamentally ensure the quality of our products, ensure food safety, meet customer demand. Zhengzhou yizeli industrial co., ltd Social responsibility: Quality is foundation, Safety is the bottom line, Sincerity is basis. Responsibly is the key point.Food safety is closely associated with national people. Providing safe,nutrient and healthy food is inescapable responsibility for every food enterprise. Food safety for one enterprise is legal responsibility,but also moral responsibility. We have advanced automated production equipment and perfect experimental testing equipment, for our product quality consistency to lay a solid foundation.Zhengzhou Yizeli industrial Co., Ltd will always strive to improve the quality of our products to ensure the quality of your products, to save your production and distribution costs. Zhengzhou yizeli industrial co., ltd is always your best loyal partner.




ZHENYIBIO TECHNOLOGY INC is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to natural plant active cosmetic raw materials.ZhenYiBio Technology Inc was established in 2008 and located in the Free Trade Area of Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone.90% more of the employees have a bachelor degree or above and we had been the members of the Shaanxi Province Plant Extract Industry Association. Zhenyi Biotechnology focuses on the research and development,production and solutions of cosmetic raw materials such as glutathione, hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, asiaticoside, peptides and liposomes.We,Zhenyi Biotechnology,have been in the field of cosmetic raw materials for 13 years and has authority R&D team,professional raw material planting base and GMP standard factory,from planting,raw materials to finished cosmetic products,to meet the different needs of different customers for products. Zhenyi Biotechnology is a market-oriented company and we are striving to optimize product structure and customer needs.Our products are widely sold in more than 50 countries around the world such as Asia,Europe,and the Americas.And we have established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with distributors,end customers and scientific research institutions in hundreds of regions.Which has laid a solid foundation for our overseas business.It is our core philosophy that reassuring customers,shareholders and comforting employees.Through more than 10 years of development,Zhenyi Biotechnology will put more resources and energy in the field of cosmetic raw materials,and aspire to become the forerunner of China's cosmetic raw materials industry.