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Luchi Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Our company is honored as the high-tech enterprise which engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting research chemicals,advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)


Kimya Gostaran Sepehr

Kimyagostaran Sepehr was founded in 2003 and came into operation for the production of the downstream petrochemical products. The company is the manufacturer and supplier of chemical products. The most qualified and experienced technical staffs cooperate with our company. We have applied the latest technology available in our production line. The company utilizes the most sophisticated instruments in our quantity control lab in order to meet the highest standards. Technical staff and Specialists The company employs 48 personnel in different fields including production, administration, sales, laboratory, HSE, instrumentation and maintenance. The employees are highly educated in various academic fields up to doctoral level. Equipment The plant's equipments are designed with the latest technology by the most experienced professionals. Among designed equipments are distillation towers, reactors, ejectors, different types of exchanger, various sorts of tanks as well as fire safety equipments. The entire system and associated equipments are monitored automatically and controlled by PLC. Products Glycols Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) Di Ethylene Glycol (D.E.G) Tri Ethylene Glycol (T.E.G) Afrand Products Anti Freeze Coolant Brake Fluid



Hebei Wieon Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd. was founded on Nov 2016 in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China. We specialize in management pharmaceutical raw materials both for huaman and veterinary. Our mainly products are: Albendazole, Fenofibrate, Fipronil, Fosfomycin Calcium / Sodium, Miconazole Nitrate, Moxidectin, Neomycin Sulphate, Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate, Toltrazuril and etc.


Hubei Aosina Chem-tech Co.,ltd

Hubei Aosina Chem Technology Co.,ltd. is a professional chemicals corporation ,mainly produce and export high quality pharmaceutical intermediates for research and lab use ,such as CEC, 4-CEC, BK-EBDP, HEXEN, FUB-AMB, 5F-ADB, 4C-PVP 4F-PHP NM2201, 4clpvp, CDC, DIBU, fubamb, mpd... Our products are in very high purity and quality. especially its efficient are in very good repute. We have our won technical team and precision laboratory to make sure our technical s in time to new business value for customers. Our customers are mainly from Asia, North America, Middle East, Africa and also Europe.We have good and long-time business relationship with our customers based on guaranteed quality on products and responsible service from our sales team.We welcome your inquiry and hope to achieve win-win between us. If you require, we can send the latest and lowest price for you . Just a chance ,let the products prove by itself . for your valauble time ,waiting for your fruther informations .welcome to contact us: or Skype: hannah_techele01


Hebei Milin Biotechnology

Hebei Milin Biotechnology Co., Ltd established in 2017who is a professional manufacturer of medical intermediate and Pharmaceutical chemicals (Piperidine series/ Indole series/ Chiral series/ Pyrrolidine series/ Benzene ring class/ Pyridine series/ Heterocyclic series)


Tianjin Incentive Technology Co., Ltd

ianjin Incentive Technology Co., Ltd is a leading international supplier and distributor of Indicators, Biological Stains, Intermediates, Dyes and other chemicals. By the reason of uneven quality and price in the international market, customers feel difficult to choose, it was founded to offer professional service and keep aim to maintain corporate image, business value together with you. Our products quantity are available from g to tons, you can choose whatever you need. Professional technicians, sed workers, mature technologies make quality stable. Long term material suppliers make price stable and competitive. Also short delivery time will be offered by our fastest logistic system. About the after-sale service, we will lose no time to handle it. We are small organization, we act very quickly. You will find every order was treated seriously if you choose us. Quality, responsiveness, competitive price, timeliness of deliveries, after-sale services are important factors we focused on. We hope our company grows up with good reputation, and we are dedicating to make it true. We need your support and you will not disappoint.


Sunrich Chemical Zhuhai Co., Ltd

Sunrich Chemical Zhuhai Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2005, being an expert in the supplying herbal extracts, ingredients for food supplement, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry. However, we are not just an order taker. We are specialized in the ingredients supplying chain management. From industry trend spotting into innovative products to international sourcing, sample development, actual manufacturing and quality control. Our specialty lies in many types of health ingredients : Standardized Plant Extracts, Traditional Botanical Extracts, Herb blend, Sweetener, Amino Acid, synthetic ingredients. Our brand's longevity and success is a result our time-tested business strategies that include the quick identification of and reliable response to ingredients through client's formulation & product development. We strives to bring reliable & stable supplying to contract manufacturers & brand owners. Product Expertise: Our hot extracts: Green Tea Extract, Theaflavin, Grape Seed Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Flos Sophorae Extract/ Quercetin Dihydrate, Rutin, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin, Mucuna Extract, Resveratrol, Artemisinin, Horsetail Extract, Andrographis Extract 50%, Luo Han Guo Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract, Pomegrante Extract, Cordyceps Extract, Eleutherococcus Senticosus Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Gotu Kola Extract, Epimedium Extract, Garlic Extract, Inulin, Huperzia Serrate Extract, Turmeric Root Extract Other hot ingredients: L-Theanine,5-N-Ethyl-Glutamine, L-Glutamic Acid HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium, Coenzyme Q10 (Ubidecarenone), Raspberry Ketone, Mannitol, Sucralose, Rebaudioside A, Chinese Herb Blend, Calcium Folinate, Companies in the United States with a branch in California is mainly responsible for the domestic logistics & business development of the North American and has become a good reputation of the import and export business.


China-Lutong Parts Plant

China Lutong Parts Plant is a set design,production and sales in one of the auto parts factory. China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional OEM & Aftermarket parts supplier, which specialized in diesel engine parts.Our main products include Head Rotor (VE Pump Parts), Injector Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, Control Valves, Injectors, Cam Disk, Repair Kits,Feed Pump and more.China Lutong Parts Plant is your online Diesel Engine Parts Store,offers a highly efficient way of purchasing high performance Auto parts.



Established in 1993 and with a floor area of 10,000 sq. meters including a construction area of 4,000 sq. meters, Shijiazhuang Xinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. (Xinsheng Chemical) is a professional chemical producer of Zinc Phosphate series, Aluminum Tripolyphosphateseries,Aluminum Phosphate series, Aluminum dihydrogen Phosphate series,Iron Oxide Red etc. It is located 35km away from Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province to the north and very close to No. 107 National Highway, which provide it special traffic convenience. Taking advantage of substantial technical force, abundant production experiences, superior laboratory equipment, sophisticated laboratory instruments and an advanced chemical synthesis production line,the products are made with good quality and are poison-free, pollution-free. Meanwhile, Xinsheng Chemical is committed to the principles of strict material inspection, consistent production process, flexible business operation and a responsibility system for guaranteed product and service quality.


Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a company committed to research and development, production and sales of high-end biological high-tech enterprise certification, chemical reagents and bulk pharmaceutical intermediates. Huateng pharmaceuticals in Chinese, European and American countries have our own R & D and logistics center, the company has an excellent and efficient R & D and production and sales of professional team. Fast for all global customers to provide professional, personalized and technical support of the one-stop service, can rapid and efficient delivery of products to the customers all around the world.