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Chongqing Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Chongqing ChangFeng Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high performance chemicals that use phosgene and aromatic amines as main intermediates. A major phosgene derivative production base, we share the largest capacity for phosgene production in China and offer a variety of products. We are proud to be one of the world's largest manufacturers of Benzophenone, production of which uses the highly efficient phosgene-based process, with a current annual capacity of 5000 metric tons and expansion efforts underway. Other top-selling products include Ethyl Centralite, Methyl Centralite, Diphenyl Carbonate, Tetramethylurea, Tetrabutylurea, and others. ChangFeng Chemical is located in an area rich in natural gas, our factory possesses state-of-the-art natural gas conversion/separation equipment from Linde AG, Germany. With this equipment we produce the high purity H2 and CO used in our manufacture of finished Aniline and also the phosgene used in derivatives such as Benzophenone. With more than thirty years of production experience, a global customer base, and an active Research and Development Department, ChangFeng is an established and rapidly-growing global enterprise. New growth initiatives for our global business include the production and marketing of Cellulose, Chloroprene Rubber and PVC Stablizers. For Benzophenone, Cellulose, Chloroprene Rubber, PVC Stablizers and your other chemical needs, we invite you to contact us for a technical exchange. Headquarters: Tel: 0086-23-6789-6333 (hot line) Fax: 0086-23-6789-6677 E-mail: / Contact Person:Mr.Edward Zhang, Deputy General Manager Add:30th Floor, Longhu Ziduxingzuo Building A, 1st Branch,YuSong Rd., Yubei District, Chongqing, China (Your enquiry will be replied within 24 working hours)


jinzhou sata fused fluxes and new material co.,ltd

Jinzhou Sata Fused Fluxes and New Materials Factory is professional factory to produce fused flux and magnesium chloride anhydrous, also the special production base for export. The ISO 9001 quality management system will be certifying. We welcome clients home and abroad to visit our factory for business cooperation.


Jiangsu Polyland New Materials Technology Corp.

We are a manufacturer of polyester resins in China. We provide raw materials for powder coatings.


Shandong Onetwo Polymer Material Co.,Ltd.

Shandong Onetwo Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in September, 2010. It’s a technology-intensive high-tech enterprise, with an integrated system of science, industry and trade, also production, teaching and research. Our company is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of new polymer and chemical material, technical advisory and extension services, as well as importation and exportation of goods and technology.


Henan Huikang Industrial Co.,Ltd

Henan Huikang Industrial Corporation was founded in 1990, as one of the high-tech building materials production enterprises for R & D, production, sales and construction, is the member of China Building Materials Association of Private Expert Committee on Science and Technology, National Building Materials AAA grade enterprise, ISO9001 enterprises, member of Construction& energy saving Committee. It is mainly engaged in the dry mortar (mortar, plastering mortar, insulation mortar) and putty powder, plaster,etc. Also the dry mortar equipment research and development, production, marketing, construction. Provide construction materials and equipment, production technology and construction solution.


Jiangsu Creative Electronic Chemicals Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Creative Electronic Chemicals Co., Ltd(CEC for Short), with headquarter in Nanjing and manufacturing base in Jiangsu and Shandong, is dedicated to research, manufacturing and marketing of electronic chemicals & API intermediates. CEC also provides custom synthesis & contract manufacturing services to meet customers' needs for new materials and API intermediates. As an innovation-driven company, CEC has a professional team focusing on R&D of new product and green chemical process. Meanwhile, CEC keeps in close cooperative relationship with domestic and overseas research institutes to renovate our products and technology. We are committed to providing a broad range of high-quality products & integrated services to our customers, creating long-term values to the company and the society.

Phone:+86 25 57050678

Yangshan Jingrun Ceramic Color Industrial Co. Ltd.

Yangshan JingRun ceramic color Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, the only factory which can produce the full series of iron oxide products in Guangdong province. With our professional personnel, we can offer perfect services from production to after sales. The plant is located in an industrial park in Yangshan county which is 100 kilometers away from Guangzhou (Guangdong province, P.R.China). Our plant (floor space: 20,000 m2) produces more than 60,000 tons of iron oxide annually. We strictly implement ISO (9001:2008 and 14001:2004). Our major products are iron oxide red, yellow, black and green pigment, 4 kinds of series of iron oxide and so on, more than 60 items in total. They are mainly used for building ceramics, cement and concrete, antirust coating, rubber or plastic colorants, all kinds of coating and protective substances, also can be used in chemical fiber, etc. Due to the excellent performance, our products are well sell around China and are recognized by our clients. We have our own brands and also offer customized services. We make products to our best efforts, in a low CO2 emission, energy-saving, environmental friendly and effective way. Looking forward to the future, we will do the best we can as we did in the past. Our long term growth will benefit clients very much. Hope to work together and let us walk into a brighter future.


Shanghai Bairy Technology Co.

Shanghai Bairy Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional engaged in ion exchange resin R & D and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, we had built two ion exchange resin production bases in Shaanxi province in which construction area are nearly 100,000 square meters, the special resin production capacity will be reached at 25000 cubic meters, also has successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. So far, there are more than 280 employees working for us, including 37 R & D staffs, 69 technical engineers, most of them have been engaged in resin research and development work for more than ten years, and made important achievements in the professional field of product innovation and application of adsorption resin. In the process of our development, we also has trained a group of high-quality talents in research and development, testing, production and sales etc, and constantly enriched and improved our capability of technical development and production, sales and custom service platform. With stronger R & D strength, Shanghai Bairy Technology Co., Ltd currently has the capability of producing eight series of ion exchange resin with hundreds and varieties in the strong acid, weak acid, alkali, chelating, amphoteric, catalysis, adsorption and others which are covered by hydrometallurgy, organic chemical, wastewater treatment, special resin, and designed wire cutting EDM machine tool series resin, high regeneration degree resin and high pure water, ultra pure water purification resin in the semiconductor industry, nuclear grade resin etc. The resins have good application effect, exchange characteristics of large capacity, high mechanical strength that widely used in various fields of electric power, petrochemical, precision machinery processing, food, medicine, biochemistry, electronics, wet metallurgy and environmental protection. Shanghai Bairy Technology Co., Ltd captures customer’s loyalty by best product quality and excellent custom services, establishes a good reputation and image of the enterprise among customers. The products we produced are sold to more than 60 countries and regions in the worldwide; moreover we are always undertaking the foreign well-known enterprises ODM business, meanwhile, we provide a full range of technology and product services from the experiment to the process according to the specific requirements from the different customers. We also have owned a number of patented technologies which made us to produce resins at international and domestic leading level. Shanghai Bairy Technology Co., Ltd has always adhering to the principle of establishing and creating more values for our customers, carrying forward the continuous technological innovation spirit, constantly improving the quality assurance system, strictly controlling the product standards, and making our company operations be flexible with efficient technical strength, provide the complete, reliable and economy solutions of ion exchange resin to our customers.


Tiazhou ATS Optical Material Co., Ltd

ATS Optical Material Thin Film & PVD Materials Welcome to Taizhou ATS Optical Material Co., Ltd, professional China manufacturer of Evaporation material, Sputtering Targets and Infrared material; also supplier of Crucible Inserts, E-Beam Gun Replacement Parts and Ion Implantor Source Replacement Parts for your one-stop purchasing. Since 1986, ATS has successfully manufactured various grade of Thin Film materials and components that are used in the production of Decorative Film, Semiconductors, Solar Panel Materials, Electronic Instruments and Optical Instruments. ATS provides a complete service of Film analysis, Material supplies, and Problem-solution in coating process.


Foshan Proat Iron Oxide Ltd. Co.

PROAT iron oxide CO., Ltd.manufactures iron oxide with over 20 thousand square meter plant and 60 thousand tons output annually. The company offers general and low heavy metal grade iron oxide, Application: Lithium battery, cosmetics, tobacco, construction industry, coating, ceramic, pigment, plastics, rubber, glasses, pitch and paper making. iron oxide red 110, 101, 120, 130, 140, 160, 180, 190 iron oxide yellow 313, 313,490, 315, 586, 810 iron oxide black 722, 330, 740, 750 iron oxide brown 610, 663,686, 841 iron oxide orange 340, 960, 2040 Compound Ferric green 835, 5605