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Shangdong Shinning Pharm Co.,Ltd.

Shinning Pharm dedicates itself on research, develop and industrialize of intermediates and non-infringed synthetic route, serves global customers with high-class products and technologies, based on the professional develop ability and excellent business philosophy.


Xi’an Landau Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd

Xi'an Landau Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in water treatment technology development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation commissioning, and after-sales service. The company has established over 10 years, has a group of professional engineers and technical staff with rich experience in water treatment industry, in order to provide customers with comprehensive and efficient equipment and services. Landau has obtained a variety of environmental certificates and ISO9001 system certification. Also has certified by NSF organization, exports more than 60 countries and regions. The company mainly produce the equipment and supporting facilities in pure water, high purity water, mineral water, industrial demineralized water, industrial recycling water, softened water, drinking water etc. The main water treatment equipment products including: Reverse Osmosis (RO), Electrodialysis (ED), Ultrafiltration (UF), , Electrodeionization (EDI) equipment, Seawater Desalination equipment, Wastewater treatment equipment; Over the years, Landau has gained great loyalty, trust and support from every customer, by excellent equipment, precise manufacturing process, strict quality control management, rich practical experience as well as the honesty of the business culture, outstanding after-sales services. Water treatment equipment related to drinking water, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, electricity, environmental protection and other fields. The customized products can be designed by the actual customer requirements, and provide comprehensive installation and after-sales services.





Guangdong Hangxin Technology Co.,Ltd

Guangdong Hangxin Technology Co., Ltd. is incorporated from “Guangdong Meixian Hanghai Manganese chemical plant" .lt was founded in 1979. The company is located at Luozhan Village, Baidu town, Meixian district, Meizhou city, Guangdong province, covers 266000 square meters. It’s specialized in the production and sales potassium permanganate and sodium permanganate. We are the largest domestic production base of permanganate. The production capacity of potassium permanganate and sodium permanganate is 15000 tons/year and 10000 tons/year respectively. Our products quality conforms to the EU RoHS directive 2011/65/ EU appendix II correction (EU) directive 2015/863 limit. accord and exceed the European and American limit requirements for heavy metal content of the products. Our company has been in line with the principles of "Customer First, Quality First". It has passed IS09001:2008 quality management system certification. It has been identified as Guangdong private technology enterprises. Guangdong high-growth enterprises, the innovation industrialization demonstration base of Guangdong province. And it has been rated as "advanced export enterprise" for years. Our product of sodium permanganate has passed American national sanitation foundation NSF certification and domestic water treatment product certification at present. Thebrand of “Hanghai" for potassium permanganate and sodium permanganate was awarded as the famous trademarks of Guangdong province, the famous brand products and high—tech products in Glnngdong province. The sodium permanganate production new technology by sell —developed had gained national invention patent, the patent number: 201010231951.1. It has self—management import and export right. Since our products is high—quality and stable, the product sells well allover the world and domestic provinces and cities, welcomed by customers. We insist on the basic principles of Quality First and Credibility First. Adhere to the business philosophy of customer supreme, equality and mutual benefit, common development. We sincerely invite domestic and abroad customers to establish long—term business cooperation relationship with us. Our company will sincerely provide you with high—quality service and quality guarantee.


Zhushan County Qinba Barium Salt Co., Ltd.

Established at 2002, started as Qinba Barite Salts,after 13 year`s development, now Longfu Group has been a leading manufacturer in Barite Salts Products,Low-Fe Sodium sulfide,TiO2 and Vanadium Oxide with two main producing bases located at Shiyan City, Hubei Province and Ankang City, Shanxi Province.The "Qinba" brand barite salts has been well-known by domestic and abroad customers. As a Professional Inorganic chemicals manufacturer, we have our own 7 mines,6 factories, so we could assure you the best quality at very good price. Now, our new Precipitated Barium Sulfate base will be put into use at the end of December, and then our company will be the biggest manufacturer of Precipitated barium sulfate,sodium sulfide(52% & 60%, yellow flake.) in China.With annual output over 100000 tons.We have been relaible supplier for coating & painting, Lead-acid battery ,Brake-pad, etc from U.S.A, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam and the list is growing.



ZhanXi is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers dedicated to manufacturing high quality STEROIDS. We are aiming at long term and stable cooperation, offering absolute effective and safe steroids which gives our customers complete satisfaction. Of course, wholesale price will be offered at the meantime.

Phone:+86 13392845105

Mastelf Technologies Co., Ltd

Mastelf, as an Based supplier of providing laboratory products,which is specialized in the line of medicine, life-science, chemistry, laboratory consumables, etc.We are striving to work with our customers to develop high quality, end-user oriented solution to ensure consumers will have an enjoyable experience from using our products. Over the years, with our commitment of product excellence, cost competitiveness and customer oriented mindset; Mastelf Technologies was established prestigious business partnerships with major research, government and environmental test institute, worldwide including Major Asia 40%, Europe 30% and 20% of South America…

Phone:+86 13456864585

Wuhan Deme chem Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Deme chem Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a new and high-tech enterprise. The main business is research and development, production, sales for Steroid, Active ingredient and Pharmaceutical .


Arab Company For Resin

(Arab Co. for Resin & Chemical Industries) is one of the successful alkyd resin factories in Egypt and one of several strongest companies under Hendy Group Umberella. our competitive, affordable, high quality wide-varied products:- - Long oil alkyd resin. - Medium oil alkyd resin. - Short oil air drying. - Short non drying alkyd resin. - Urethenated Oil. - Urethenated alkyd resin. ** We also can provide you with a Customized Alkyd Resin as per your technical specifications & request. PLEASE FIND THE LINK : Our Catalog: Website : - Email: - Telephone: +2 01000003387 +2033603086 Facebook: Company Profile



Wuhan Excellent Voyage Chemical Co.,Ltd

Wuhan Excellent Voyage Chemical Co.,Ltd, Specialized in manufacturing the following items: Copper Plating SPS(Bis-(sodium sulfopropyl)-disulfide) ZPS(3-(benzothiazolyl-2-mercapto)-propylsulfonate ,sodium salt) DPS(N,N-dimethyl-dithiocarbamyl propyl sulfonic acid, sodium salt) EDTP/N,N,N’N’-tetra(2-hyropyl)ethylenediamine H1(2-mercapto thiazoline) Zinc Plating MOME(Aqueous cationic polymer) OCBA(O-chlorobenzaldehyde) IME(The compound of imidazole and epichlorohydrin) IMZ(Imidazole) Nickel Plating Bis(benzene sulphonyl)imide (BBI) Butynediol ethoxylate(BEO) Butynediol propoxylate (BMP) 1,4-butynediol (BOZ) N,N-diethylaminopropyne(DEP) Propyne ethoxylate (PME) Pyridinium propyl sulfobetaine (PPS) Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine(PPSOH) Derivatives from 3- chloro-2-hydroxy-rpopylsulfonate, sodium salt(SSO3) TC-DEP(N,N-diethylaminopropyne,sulphate) TC-EHS(2-ethylhexylsulphate,sodium salt) Fine Chemical Polyethyleneimine(PEI) Polyquaternium-2(PUB-2) 3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid,sodium salt(CHPS-Na) 1,3-Propane Sultone(1,3-PS) 1,4-butane sultone(1,4-BS) Fluoro-Chemical Sulfluramid(FC-9) Chromic acid fog inhibitor(FC-248) Perfluorobutylsulfonylfluoride/FC-4 N-fluorobenzenesulfonamide (NFSI) Potassium perfluorooctylsulfonate (FC-95) Potassium perfluorobutylsulfonate (FC-98) N,N-dimethyl,3-perfluorooctylsulfonylpropyl-aminium, iodide (FC-134) N-ethyl-N-perfluorooctylsulfonylaminoethanol (FC-10) Organic Silicon Defoamer Lamination Adhesive