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Guangdong Polysil Co.,Ltd

In 1999, Polysil started to produce material of silicone ink as its most competitive product in Guangzhou and soon it has been accepted by many well-known companies such as NOKIA, MOTO, SONY etc and became the SONY green partner to supply silicone ink to world-class brands Polysil launched high transparent injection silicone rubber and has been exported to Southeast Asia, Southern America, Europe , USA and many other overseas countries for more than 10 years and built a very comprehensive system of applications for LSR and HTV in particular in the field of baby products, accompanied with medical application, kitchenware, industrial products, electrical products and provide customized services and technical support for our clients. As one of the top-ranking organic silicone material manufacturers in China, Polysil has built up three large-scale and separate production bases for food grade, industrial grade and chemical silicone materials. The factory covers around 100,000 m2 with the 8000 m2 R&D Center including 4 standard synthesis laboratories, two dust-free workshops and a test base covering an area of 3000m2. Polysil’s goal is to become the world-class silicone supplier and to focus on our customer’s various needs in different industries and keep innovating technologies and improving products all the time.



Qingdao Red Butterfly Barium Materials Co., Ltd. (Former name: Qingdao Dongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.), belongs to RedStar Group. It was established in 1998 and is the first professional producer of Barium Sulfate in China. Herebelow refers as RED-BUTTERFLY. RED-BUTTERFLY main facility is located in Qingdao, which focus on production of Barium Sulfate X-Ray Grade and Dry Suspensions for pharma industry. Our Annual Capacity is 1500MT. We are the only one GMP facility in China, and supplying our Barium Meals to over 1000 Chinese hospitals. RED-BUTTERFLY also produce Modified Superfine Barium Sulfate over 10000MT, which is widely used in PVC Profiles, Chemical Fiber, Paintings, Oil, Battery, Plastic, Electronics, Cosmetics, and so on. RED-BUTTERFLY Have ISO9001:2000(No.10408Q10435ROMA),ISO14001:2004(No. 10406E11084ROM), and GMP certificate for Pharma grade BaSO4, which occupied 95% Chinese Market, at the same time, well sold globally. For example, Panasonic is one of our old clients of Battery Grade BaSO4. After the capital re-union in end 2014, RED-BUTTERFLY changes the name (former Dongfeng) and build a new and larger facility, to offer better supplying to the whole world. We are the No. 1 producer of Barium Sulfate in China, and making efforts to satisfy all requirements from clients!


Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd

Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Tongzhou), located at Science and Technology City of China (Mianyang), has an 18 years of specialized experience in research, production, and marketing of concrete admixtures. The manufacturing base of Tongzhou is more than 20000 square meters. Over the years, Tongzhou has been granted several awards & honors in China. Tongzhou is a leading concrete admixture company in Chinese construction industry, with an annual production capability of 100000 tons of concrete admixtures, including polycarboxylate, naphthalene, aliphatic, and amino sufonate superplasticizers, as well as expansion agents. Besides, polymer fibers, such as polypropene fiber, are also produced for concrete at Tongzhou. Our products are widely accepted and praised by customers, which have been successfully applied in defense projects, high buildings, power plants, airports, subways, bridges, tunnels, and other important constructions. Most importantly, long term and good partnerships have been built between Tongzhou and Tongzhou's customers.



Wuhan Steroidschem Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is located in beautiful city Wuhan, China. We have produced and sold steroid powders more than 12 years With good reputation in this field, we sell product with high assay, competitive price, prompt delivery time and quality guaranteed.


MDGSA Resource Pty Ltd

Welcome to MDGSA Resource Pty Ltd, the place to choose for top-quality certified products! A GroupOwned and Operated Family Business. Growing, producing, manufacturer ed and packed, with full HACCP accreditation, maintaining an “A” rating throughout the years. Dedicated and motivated personnel, traditional and innovative manufacturer and also the primarily International trading company with full techniques, teamed with a comprehensive, highly regarded quality full and tasty ion of products. The core activities of MDGSA Resource are manufacturing and trading, Agro-Organic Commodities, Dairy, Fruits and Fruit Juice, Beverages, and agricultural chemicals including crop protection, adjuvants, growth enhancers, plant nutrients, seed treatments, and many other general agricultural products and non agro products. Since 2002, MDGSA Resource has been a global reputation for providing exactly what companies, small scale business, wholesalers and others are looking for, which is how we've become a leading manufacturer and worldwide marketing trading company. MDGSA Resource puts a high degree of value on providing a superior level of service, relationship management and accountability throughout the marketplace.The Group owns a growing portfolio of high-yielding farms which, by 2010, encompassed nearly 118, 900 productive hectares across South Africa and sub-Sahara region. Distinctive farming competencies include productivity enhancements, technical assurance and the sed management of risk, which is based on the geographic spread of production. Recognized by it specializes in products exported world wild. All MDGSA Resource products are specifically designed to enhance the growth of crops, environment recycle products and increase yields and to ensure better value for money for the end user. The team at MDGSA Resource has more than 12 years combined experience in the manufacture and implementation of agricultural products and others. Our products are superior because we base it on our core values which are quality, integrity and honesty.


Jinan Xuanhong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Jinan Xuanhong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd, is committed to R&D and produce pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates for many years,


Pharmed Chemicals

In Pharmed Chemicals took over 3 years distributing chemicals around the world , always treating the customer as one family , offering competitive prices to all our customers. For customers in Europe we have our warehouses in Spain


Shanghai B&C Chemical Co., Ltd.

The predecessor of Shanghai B&C Chemical Co., Ltd. is Jiangsu Kangcheng Chemical Plant, which was established in 2001 in Jiangsu Province. In order to fit in with the needs of the international market, the head office and the research and development center of the company were gradually established in Shanghai. Shanghai research and development center was set up in 2005. Shanghai B&C Chemical Co., Ltd. was formally set up in September 2007, in Shanghai. Our service mainly involves the research and development, production and product sales of organic electronic materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical materials and other organic chemicals. The head office, research and development center and sales center are located at Juke Biology Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Xuhui District, Shanghai, and its total area is around 3,000 m2. There are four production bases at present, and they respectively are located at Jiangsu Huai'an, Shanghai Fengxian, Jiangxi Ji'an and Jiangsu Xuzhou. All of the production bases manufacture according to the international standards, and in accordance with GMP standard operation procedures. The objective of the company is to put quality first and treat the customers as supremacy, and the satisfaction of the customers is the company's ultimate goal. We've always insisted on the management of quality and environment, and we have established complete and sophisticated quality management system according to ISO9001 : 2008 and ISO14001 : 2004, to continually satisfy the customers' requirements.


Shaoxing ALWSCI Technologies Co.,Ltd

ALWSCI is a global supplier of analytical field and lab supplies with high quality, good service and favorable price. We have wide customers including pharmaceutical, life science, chemistry, technology, food processing industry and so on. Others like college, research institution, government, environment test institution, etc. As a global leading supplier of sample vials, ALWSCI can supply a series of sample vials from 1ML to 1000ML. Both ODM & OEM business are optional. In ALWSCI, you can find what you want!


Hebei Dasho Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Hebei Dasho Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with research and development, production, and processing of feed additives, food additives, and pharmaceutical raw materials as a whole. The company locates in Jingxing Industry park, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, which is close to Jingkun expressway with convenient communications and superior geographical position. Our main products are glycine, L-Lysine HCL, guanidinoacetic acid, calcium glycinate, magnesium glycinate, zinc glycinate, ferrous bisglycinate, and Glycine hydrochloride.