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    The agent service of includes two specific services which are "consignment sale" and "entrusted purchase".
    We can help chemical Manufacture Factory solve the problem of selling line with their products by "consignment sale".
    Help the chemical companies find the most cost-effective products by means of "entrusted purchase" service.

    Our Advantage:
    ·We could be apprised of trade dynamic 、market quotation at the first time ,We can also master plentiful supplying & demanding information of chemical products through and www.
    ·The ten thousands of register companies and thousands of quality members in our two network platform can find the matched requests for product agents.
    ·We have a team which is professional 、experienced in selling & service and plenty of entities client resource from our accumulation. Consequently, we can exploit sufficient network resources and entities resources sufficiently. According to market quotation , we choose part of quality members and products,and provide most prominent production agent and entrusted purchasing for you.

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