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Other Daily-use Chemicals
Product List

Ethyl acetate

CAS:141-78-6 Product spec:200kg/bag
Classification: Other Chemicals Cas NO.: 141-78-6 Molecular Formula: C4H8O2 Melting Point: -83.5 Boiling Point: 75-77.5 Stability: null Refractive index:1.371-1.374 Flash Point: -4? Purity: 99..
Post Time:[2019-12-27 ]Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co.,Ltd

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate

CAS:68797-35-3 Product spec:It is necessary to store in darkness and sealed in dry place
Product Name:Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate CAS NO. : 68797-35-3 Appearance: White or light yellow fine powder Purity: ≥75%(HPLC), ≥98%(UV) Package: 1kgAlu foil bag or 20kgcarton

Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate

CAS:5466-77-3 Product spec:Colorless or light yellow liquid
Product Name: Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate CAS No.: 5466-77-3 Appearance: Colorless or light yellow liquid Assay: 95.0-105.0% Package: 200kgplastic drum Application: Sun screener Storage cond..

Sodium Percarbonate

CAS: Product spec:20-80
sodium percarbonate other names: sodium carbonate peroxide, solid hydrogen peroxide,SPC appearance: free flowing white granules molecular formula: 2Na2CO3.3H2O2 molecular weight: 314.02 CAS NO.: ..

High purity Copper

CAS:7440-50-8 Product spec:Lump
ABOUT OUR COMPANY Wuhan Xinrong New Materials Co.,Ltd. is a technical company which concentrates on providing high-end and high-purity raw chemical materials for technology companies and scientific i..
Post Time:[2016-10-21 ]Wuhan Xinrong New Material Co.,Ltd


CAS:88-04-0 Product spec:Technical grade
Items Standard Appearance White crystal powder Odour Phenolic characterslic odour Purity 99%min Impurities MX 0.5%Max Impurities OCMX 0.3%Max Water 0.5%Max Iron 80ppm Max Residue on ignitio..
Post Time:[2016-09-09 ]Getchem

Linear Alklybenzene Sulphonic Acid

CAS:27176-87-0 Product spec:Technical grade
Item Specifications Results Appearance Brown liquid Brown liquid Color(Klett) 50 MAX 21 Content of A.M. 96.0% Min 96.64% Inorganic acid 1.50% Max 0.91% Free oil 2.00% Max 1.55 Average molecular ..
Post Time:[2016-08-29 ]Getchem

Fish Collagen IvyLanc F

CAS:9007-34-5 Product spec:IvyLanc F
IvyLancTM F Features IvyLancTM F is with 2000-3500 molecular weight, it is made from fresh and clean skin of tilapia, no unpleasant odor. IvyLancTM F Application Based on its features, It is re..
Post Time:[2016-06-23 ]Yangzhou WeiKem Chemical

Fish Collagen IvyLanc S

CAS:9007-34-5 Product spec:IvyLanc S
IvyLancTM S Features IvyLancTM S is with 1500-2500 molecular weight,it is made from fresh and clean scale of tilapia, IvyLancTM S smells better than IvyLanc TM F . IvyLancTM S Application Based on..
Post Time:[2016-06-23 ]Yangzhou WeiKem Chemical

Fish Collagen IvyLanc 1000

CAS:9007-34-5 Product spec:IvyLanc 1000
IvyLancTM 1000 Features IvyLancTM 1000 is made from fresh and clean scale of tilapia. With low molecular weight, it is easier to be absorbed IvyLancTM 1000 Application It is recomm..
Post Time:[2016-06-23 ]Yangzhou WeiKem Chemical
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