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leafing aluminum paste for roof coating

CAS:7429-90-5 Product spec:leafing type aluminum paste for coating paint
Leafing aluminum paste is made of high pure aluminum powder by special grinding method; it can resist the corrosion, heat and insulation. Used in roof coating, industrial coating, lacquer coating, pri..

non-leafing aluminum paste for industry paint

CAS:7429-90-5 Product spec:non-leafing type aluminum paste used for making coating paint
Standard non-leafing aluminum paste is produced specially for protective coatings. The technology adopted allows our grades to impart good brightness and whiteness while maintaining a well balanced st..

R6618 rutile titanium dioxide used in paint,coating,rubber

CAS: Product spec:coating,paint,plastics,rubber,ink production
R6618 is a zirconium, aluminum and organic surface treated multipurpose rutile titanium dioxide pigment, it has narrow-size material distribution, good whiteness and high weather resistance, widely us..
Post Time:[2015-01-16 ]shandong jinhai titanium resources

R6628 rutile titanium dioxide used in waterborne coatings

CAS: Product spec:waterborne coatings,powdwe coating,papermaking
R6628 is a silicon, aluminum inorganic and organic surface treated rutile titanium dioxide, it has high whiteness and glossiness, strong tinting strength, good weather resistance and dispersability.
Post Time:[2015-01-16 ]shandong jinhai titanium resources

Rutile Tio2 R6638 used in papermaking

CAS: Product spec:papermaking,waterbased paint,water-based ink
R6638 is a multipurpose water-based rutile titanium dioxide produced by silicon, aluminum and organic treated. It is suitable for papermaking with a high demand of water dispersion, water-based paint ..
Post Time:[2015-01-16 ]shandong jinhai titanium resources

good quality rutile titanium dioxide R6600 used in road marking

CAS: Product spec:paint,primer,road marking paint,engineering plastics,papermaking
R6600 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment with good weather resistance, pigment properties, excellent optical properties, no physiologicaltoxicity, stable chemical property, high conversion rate, goo..
Post Time:[2015-01-16 ]shandong jinhai titanium resources

R6658 rutile titanium dioxide used in masterbatch,PVC

R6658 is an aluminum inorganic and organic surface treated rutile titanium dioxide. It has excellent optical properties,good whiteness, high weather resistance and dispersibility.
Post Time:[2015-01-16 ]shandong jinhai titanium resources

Pigment Carbon Black - HB-M430

CAS:1333-86-4 Product spec:Inorganic
1) Product name HB-M430 2) Color index name Pigment Black 7 3) Chemical type Carbon Black 4) Molecular formula C 5) CAS No. 1333-86-4 6) EU No. 215-609-9 7) Relative trade name Cabot M430,..

Potassium dichromat

CAS:7778-50-9 Product spec:99.8%
Product Name Potassium dichromat Synonyms Chromicacid (H2Cr2O7), dipotassium salt (9CI);Dichromic acid (H2Cr2O7), dipotassiumsalt (8CI);C 501;Chromium potassium oxide (K2Cr2O7);Dichromic acid..

basic yellow 103

CAS:54060-92-3 Product spec:paper dyes
Basic yellow 103 liq for paper CAS No.:54060-92-3 Appearance: Clear,yellow color liquid, Type: Basic Cationic Dye Strength:100% Solubility: Completel..
Post Time:[2013-06-08 ]Tianjin Shenyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd
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