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P Series Pearlescent Pigment

CAS: Product spec:99%
P series pearlescent pigment is synthesized according to the structure of natural pearl, which is pearl core being alternately covered by Calcium Carbonate and Proteide. The Pearl's luster and color a..
Post Time:[2012-11-02 ]Spectra Technology Inc.

Luminescent Pigment

CAS: Product spec:99%
Luminescent pigment is one self-luminescent material, which absorbs and stores light energy when exposed in natural or artificial light, then emits visible light in the darkness. Its self-life is unli..
Post Time:[2012-11-02 ]Spectra Technology Inc.

UV Fluorescent Pigment

CAS: Product spec:99%
UV fluorescent pigments have a light grey or white color body under visible light and produce a bright color when exposed to an UV light source. They can be used for security and tracing functions whe..
Post Time:[2012-11-02 ]Spectra Technology Inc.

Stearic acid

CAS:57-11-4 Product spec:GR
Test items Specification Solidifying point ≥540C-590C Iodine value ≤4.0 PH Conform Appearance whit..
Post Time:[2012-10-30 ]Huzhou Tiansheng chemical Ltd.


CAS: Product spec:Titanium dioxide,iron oxide,chrome oxide green
We supply pigments of different kinds include Titanium dioxde,iron oxide,chrome oxide green.If you are interested in our products,please feel free to contact me via email : paperman(at)xinyuanzinc(do..
Post Time:[2012-10-09 ]Shijiazhuang xinyuanzinc Co.,Ltd


CAS:1345-05-7 Product spec:
Category : Adhesives and Sealants CAS NO : 1345-05-7 EC NO : 215-715-5 Molecular Formula : Zn2BaS2O5 Main Specifications : Synonyms : 77115;C.I. Pigment White 5;C.I. 77115;Pigment White 5;Bar..

Titanium Dioxide

CAS:13463-67-7 Product spec:White powder
Specification Rutile Anatase TiO2 % Min 95.0 98.0 Chromatic power(compare with the standard sample) Min 110 100 Volatile (105°C) % Max 0.5 0.5 Water soluble % Max 0.3 0.5 PH of water suspension 6..


CAS:1345-05-7 Product spec:white powder
 Items  Specification        28%      30%  Ba+SO4 (as ZnS)%(mm)  99Max  99Max  Zinc (as ZnS) (mm)%  28Min  30Min  Zinc Oxide %(mm)  0.6Max  0.3Max  105℃ Volatil..

Dispersed pigment&chiops

CAS:1333-86-4 Product spec:pigment
1. High gloss, clean bright colours. 2. Excellent storage stability. 3. Excellent printing performance. 4. High colour strength, excellent transparency and dispersion. 5. No impurities, se..

NC Chip(Nitrocellulose Chip)

CAS:147-14-8 Product spec:dispersed pigment&chips
NC Chip(Nitrocellulose Chip) Detailed Product Description For high quality gravure and flexographic inks, paints, coatings as well as for textile printing and cosmetics. COLOURFUL NC Chips ..