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DCOIT Biocide

CAS:64359-81-5 Product spec:DCOIT 97
1) High-efficiency mildew and algae-repellent agent, which has special effects on bacteria and algae. 2) The solubility in water is low, so the effect is lasting. 3) The applicable pH range is w..
Post Time:[2021-09-27 ]DalianTianwei Chemical Co.,Ltd


CAS:119-61-9 Product spec:benzophenone
Benzophenone is an ultraviolet radiation absorber and intermediate, such as paints. inks. adhesives. etc. Also the intermediate of organic pigments, medicines, flavors and pesticides. Properties Wh..
Post Time:[2021-07-13 ]Deren(Suzhou) Biotech Co.,ltd

tung oil

CAS:8001-20-5 Product spec:tung oil
Tung oil is a type of wood finishing product that is derived from the pressed nut of the tung tree. Tung oil is drying oil that is similar to linseed, safflower, poppy, and soybean oil. Drying oils ar..
Post Time:[2021-07-13 ]Deren(Suzhou) Biotech Co.,ltd

White Spirit

CAS: Product spec:White Spirit
We are manufacturing, processing and supplying Methanol, White Spirit and several grades of Polyethylene wax (Lumps, Flakes, Powder) for Masterbatch, Additives, Hot melt adhesive, lubricants, ink, pa..
Post Time:[2021-02-22 ]Paradise General Trading F.Z.C


CAS: Product spec:99.8
Specification: Item Specification Appearance: white powder Purity(%): ≥99.8 PH: 7.5—9.5 Moisture(%): 0.1 kaolin turbidity, degree: ≤20 coloruity(PT-Co)through,degr..


CAS:9012-76-4 Product spec:Appearance : Slight yellow
CAS NO. : 9012-76-4 Synonym : Deacetylated chitin, Poly(D-glucosamine) Origin : USA Packing : 50 kgdrum Molecular Formula : C56H103N9O39 Molecular Weight : 1526.464 gmol Appearance : Slight yell..
Post Time:[2020-04-20 ]Lepid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd


CAS:9004-65-3 Product spec:viscosity:40-200000
Chesilo Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose is a non-ionic, odorless,water soluble cellulose ether made by natural high polymer cellulose as raw material and series of chemical processing. it is widely us..
Post Time:[2019-04-22 ]Chemix specialty chemical co., ltd

MHEC Methyl hydroxy ethyl cellulose ether

CAS:39123900 Product spec:viscosity 13000-60000
Chesilo Methyl Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose is a non-ionic, odorless water-soluble cellulose ether. it is widely used as thickener, bonding and adhesion agent, protective colloid,stabilizer, suspending aid..
Post Time:[2019-04-22 ]Chemix specialty chemical co., ltd

HEC hydroxy ethyl cellulose ether for paint

CAS:9004-62-0 Product spec:viscosity:150-100000
Cellulose ethersHEC for tile Adhesiveplasterputtylatex paintwall paint Chesilo Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a non-ionic, water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose through a series of chemical and ph..
Post Time:[2019-04-22 ]Chemix specialty chemical co., ltd

Textured Stone-Like Wall Coating

CAS: Product spec:pure acrylic resin as binder, pigment, titanium and additives.
BARDESE texture coating is formulated by water-repellent synthetic resins, various special inorganic granules and imported additives. It is waterborne and Eco-friendly. Thanks to the even sized granul..
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