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Coatings and Paints
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silane coupling agent-γ-Aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane

CAS:3179-76-8 Product spec:γ-Aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid Molecular Weight 191.34 Specific Gravity (ρ20°C, gcm3): 0.911 Refractive Index (nD25) 1.426 Boiling Point (°C) 210 Flash Point (°C) 85
Post Time:[2018-11-29 ]Hengda SIlane Technology Co.,Ltd

silane coupling agent-Aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane

CAS:3663-44-3 Product spec:Aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid Molecular Weight 163.29 Specific Gravity (ρ20°C, gcm3): 0.945 Refractive Index (nD25) 1.420 Boiling Point (°C) 200
Post Time:[2018-11-29 ]Hengda SIlane Technology Co.,Ltd

UV monomer/TMPTA

CAS: Product spec:220kg/drum
High gloss and hardness;Good abrasion resistance;high reactivity and crosslink density

UV oligomer

CAS: Product spec:220kg/drum
UV inks;UV coatings;fast curing environmental-friendly

Flame Retardant Lydorflam 201 Ammonium Polyphosphate

CAS: Product spec:Phosphorous based
Lydorflam APP series are high polymerization crystallization typeⅡammonium polyphosphate. It has a high content of phosphorus and nitrogen, good thermal stability, low smoke and non-toxic. Good functi..

2,2,4 - Trimethyl -1,3 - Pentanediol Monoisobutyrate

CAS: Product spec:99min
Ester Alcohol C-12 Chemical Name: 2,2,4 - Trimethyl -1,3 - Pentanediol Monoisobutyrate Molecular Formula: C12H24O3 Molecular Weight: 216.3 CAS No: 25265-77-4 Appearance: Colorless and transpar..

2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediol Diisobutyrate

CAS: Product spec:99min
Ester Alcohol C-16 Other Names: 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediol Diisobutyrate Molecular Formula: C16H30O4 Molecular Weight: 286.4 CAS No: 6846-50-0 Appearance:Colorless and transparent liquid S..

1K - Clear Coat for decorative and protection usage

CAS: Product spec:Acrylic Resin
1K- Clear Coat - high gloss level - high weather durability - adhesion protection - capability to overcome substrate deformation - baking window: 20-60min; 120-150°C - Coverage: 13-20m² 1..
Post Time:[2018-06-26 ]Spencer Coatings

Sodium Gluconate

CAS:527-07-1 Product spec:98%min
Product name:Sodium gluconate Purity:98%min Loss on Drying:1%max, Heavy Metals:0.002%max, Lead:0.001%max, Chloride:0.07%max, Sulphate:0.05%max, Arsenic:3ppm max, Reducing substances:0.5%max, ..
Post Time:[2018-04-10 ]Taian Health Chemcial Co.,Ltd

Water-base Resin

CAS: Product spec:see deion
Feature  Equal excellent properties of traditional solvent based polyurethanes, such as good flexibility, low temperature resistance and fatigue resistance.  Good properties of environmental prote..
Post Time:[2018-01-16 ]Green Field Chemtech Co., Ltd
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