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CAS:118-93-4 Product spec:99%
2'-Hydroxyacetophenone Alternative name: 1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-ethanon;2’-hydroxy-acetophenon;2-hydroxyacetylbenzene;Acetophenone, o-hydroxy-;Ethanone,1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-;o-Acetylphenol;o-hydroxy-acet..
Post Time:[2019-05-15 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:99-93-4 Product spec:99%
4-HYDROXYACETOPHENONE Alternative name: 1-(4-HYDROXY-PHENYL)-ETHANONE;4-ACETOPHENOL;4-ACETYLPHENOL;4-BENZOYLPHENOL;4''''-HYDROXYACETOPHENONE cas no.: 99-93-4 Purity:99%min Appearance: transparent ..
Post Time:[2019-05-15 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS: Product spec:....
Dear SirMadam, We are ZISTA Group of companies, a professional and global supplier of Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite) for a number of applications. We have been supplying Gilsonite since 2008 to sev..
Post Time:[2019-05-15 ]Zista Group

1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid (HEDP)

CAS:2809-21-4 Product spec:60%
HEDP is an organophosphoric acid corrosion inhibitor. It can chelate with Fe, Cu, and Zn ions to form stable chelating compounds.It can dissolve the oxidized materials on these metals’ surfaces.HEDPsh..
Post Time:[2019-03-18 ]Shandong Boke Water Treatment Co.,Ltd

2-Phosphonobutane -1,2,4-Tricarboxylic Acid (PBTCA)

CAS:37971-36-1 Product spec:50%
PBTC has low content of phosphoric, has structural features of both phosphoric acid and carboxylic acid group, which enable its excellent scale and corrosion inhibition properties. Its antiscale prope..
Post Time:[2019-03-18 ]Shandong Boke Water Treatment Co.,Ltd

Diethylene Triamine Penta (Methylene Phosphonic Acid) (DTPMPA)

CAS:15827-60-8 Product spec:50%
DTPMPA is innocuous, easy to be dissolved in acid solution.DTPMPA has excellent scale and corrosion inhibition and good thermal tolerance ability.DTPMPA can inhibit the scale formation of carbonate, s..
Post Time:[2019-03-18 ]Shandong Boke Water Treatment Co.,Ltd

Oxidized Bitumen

CAS: Product spec:115/15
Dear SirMadam, ZISTA GROUP established in 2005 is a group of companies with based in China, Hong Kong, Iran, UAE and it has been supplier of raw materials for a decade. In 2012 Zista Group have set ..
Post Time:[2019-02-12 ]Zista Group

Accept OEM 2g medical silica gel

CAS:11296-00-8 Product spec:Purity: 99.7%
Silica gel is a high-activity absorbent which is the result usually through chemical reacting between Sodium Silicate and sulfuric acid and aging , sour bathing and other physical process. It's am amo..
Post Time:[2017-05-19 ]ZHENGZHOU WELCOM TECH CO., LTD

N,N'-diethyldiphenylurea(Ethyl centralite)

CAS:85-98-3 Product spec:Molecular Formula: C 17 H 20 N 2 O
CAS No.: 85-98-3 Molecular Formula: C 17 H 20 N 2 O Chemical name : N , N' -- Diethyldiphenylurea Other Name: Ethyl Centralite Properties: White powder or flake. Solubility, Insoluble watery..


CAS: Product spec:AS REQUESTED
products:- - Long oil alkyd resin. - Medium oil alkyd resin. - Short oil air drying. - Short non drying alkyd resin. - Urethenated Oil. - Urethenated alkyd resin. ** We also can provide ..
Post Time:[2017-03-09 ]Arab Company For Resin
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