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High Efficiency Silicide Agent

CAS: Product spec:1L / bottle, 5L / barrel
[Product name] High Efficiency Silicide Agent [Molecular formula] [(CH3)n(SioSioSi)mC3H6O(CpH2pOH)] [Package specification] 1L bottle, 5L barrel [Product performance] colorless to light yellow tr..

Water-soluble silicide agent

CAS: Product spec:1L / bottle, 5L / barrel
[Product name] Water-soluble silicide agent [Package specification] 1L bottle, 5L barrel [Product performance] colorless, tasteless, transparent to turbid liquid, soluble in water, ethanol and alc..

Potassium oxalate

CAS: Product spec:500g/bottle
[Product Name] Potassium oxalate [Package Specification] 500gbottle [Performance] White monoclinic crystal, soluble in water. [Components] Potassium carbonate, oxalic acid, etc. [Application] it i..

Anthraquinone-2,7-disulfonic acid disodium salt

CAS:853-67-8 Product spec:85% min
Anthraquinone-2,7-disulfonic acid disodium salt CAS NO: 853-67-8 Purity: 85% min Apperance: Brownish powder

Anionic Exchange Resin

CAS:9052-45-3 Product spec:Industry:- Water Applications
Uses:- Ion-exchange resins are widely used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes. The most common examples are water softening and water purification. In many cases ion-..
Post Time:[2020-04-20 ]Lepid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Potassium Butyl Xanthate(PBX)

CAS:871-58-9 Product spec:90%MIN,PELLET
PAX, Potassium Amyl Xanthate, Collector, collecting agent, mining agent, flotation agent, mineral processing agent.

DBNPA (2.2-Dibromo -3 - Cyanide (Nitrile) C-based amide)

CAS:10222-01-2 Product spec:White Crystal Powder.
Molecular formula: C3H2Br2N2O Molecular weight:242 Items Technical Index Appearance White Crystal Powder. Content ≥99.0% Melting Point 122.0-127.0℃ pH(1% aqueous solution) 5.0-7.0 Volatile ≤..
Post Time:[2020-03-24 ]Weifang Yukai chemical Co., Ltd.


CAS:69094-18-4 Product spec:Light yellow transparent liquid
Chemical Name: 2,2-Dibromo-2-Nitroethanol(DBNE) Molecular formula: C2H3Br2NO3 Molecular Weight: 248.87 Cas No.: 69094-18-4 If you have any demand about my products. please enquiry me sophia a..
Post Time:[2020-03-24 ]Weifang Yukai chemical Co., Ltd.


CAS:497-18-7 Product spec:White needle crystal
CAS No.: 497-18-7 ITEMS SPECIFICATION Characteristics: White needle crystal Content ≥99% Melting point M.P 150-158℃ PH 7.2-9.7 Free hydrazine(PPM) ≤250 Sulfate(PPM) ≤20 Loss on drying ≤0.2% ..
Post Time:[2020-03-24 ]Weifang Yukai chemical Co., Ltd.

2-Ethyl-anthraquinone (2-EAQ)

CAS:84-51-5 Product spec:light yellow crystalline powder
2-Ethyl-anthraquinone (2-EAQ) RAW MATERIAL FOR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Catalogue number:E899370 Chemical name: 2-Ethyl-anthraquinone Synonyms:2-Ethyl-9,10-anthracenedione, 2-EAQ; 2-Ethyl-9,10-anthr..
Post Time:[2020-03-24 ]Weifang Yukai chemical Co., Ltd.
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