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Plant growth regulator
Product List

Humic Acid

CAS:1415-93-6 Product spec:85%
Black Brown Powder Extract from leonardite Specification: Organic matter(dry basis): 85.0%min Humic Acid(dry basis): 70.0%min Moisture: 15.0%max ..

potassium humate

CAS:68514-28-3 Product spec:75%
POTASSIUM HUMATE POWDER GRANULE Black Powder Granule Natural, extract from leonardite Specification: Humic acid(dry basis):65.0%min K2O(dry basis):12.0%min ..

Refined potassium humate

CAS:68514-28-3 Product spec:95%
Black shiny crystal Natural, extract from leonardite Specification: Humic acid(dry basis):80.0%min K2O(dry basis):12.0%min Moisture:15.0%max ..

Fulvic Acid

CAS:479-66-3 Product spec:90%
Black powder Natural, extract from leonardite Specification: Fulvic Acid(Dry basis): 60.0%min K2O(dry basis): 12.0%min Moisture: 15.0%max ..

potassium fulvate

CAS:68514-28-3 Product spec:90%
Black Powder Natural, extract from leonardite, contains humic acid and fulvic acid. Can soluble in PH ≥ 3 water solution Specification: Humic acid(dry basis): 60.0%min Fu..

Water Soluble Ammonium Polyphosphate(APP)

CAS:68333-79-9 Product spec:P2O5 Content ≥58
1. High phosphorous and nitrogen nutrients. 2. High solubility of solid ammonium polyphosphate. 3.The pH value close to neutrality, safe for the crops application and capable to adjust soil pH value..
Post Time:[2019-05-15 ]Yunnan Tianyao Chemical Co., Ltd


CAS:CAS:593-50-0 Product spec:90% 2%
Triacontanol is a natural plant growth regulator found in plant cuticle waxes and in beeswax. It’s applicable to a variety of crops, and has been widely used in agriculture,horticulture, and forestry,..
Post Time:[2016-09-26 ]yunnan litto chemicals corporation


CAS:78821-43-9 Product spec:90%
Chemical name: (22R,23R,24R,)-2a,3a,22,23-tetrahydroxy-24-methyl-B-homo-7-oxa-5a-cholestan-6-one)-lactone CAS: 78821-43-9 Physical and chemical properties: Chemical family: Natural plant growth reg..
Post Time:[2016-09-26 ]yunnan litto chemicals corporation

1-Naphthlcetic acid (NAA)

CAS: Product spec:98
Common name: 1-Naphthlcetic acid (NAA) Chemical name:a-naphthalene acetic Physical and chemical properties: White or off-white powder, Bioling Pointt:265.5 ℃ Solubility:It can be dissolved in wate..
Post Time:[2016-09-26 ]yunnan litto chemicals corporation


CAS: Product spec:as requried
Paclobutrazol(95%TC, 10%WP, 15%WP, 25%SC) Deion: Appearance: Milk-white odorless liquid. Melting Point: 165º C. Vapour Pressure: 3kPa at 20º C. Stability: Variable in range of organic solvents..
Post Time:[2016-09-26 ]yunnan litto chemicals corporation
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