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CAS:110488-70-5 Product spec:95%,97%
Systemic fungicide,control of Peronospora and Phytophthera ,the oomycetes on potato and tomato and the late blight on potato.Used in combination with protectant fungicide(such as dithianon,mancozole a..
Post Time:[2011-07-15 ]Hebei Guanlong Agrochemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:3586-60-5 Product spec:99%/98%
It have effect of wipe out germs. It has strong permeation on skin organizes of fruit tree,and keep long time,this is a special efficiency fungicide for rot and rotten disease of fruit tree.Also for c..
Post Time:[2011-07-15 ]Hebei Guanlong Agrochemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:137-30-4 Product spec:96%、95%
It is a prevention fungicide, also can promote orange,apple,peach,persimmon,apricot and grape etc. to anthracnose and scab falls ill and so on, that is better effect used with thiram.
Post Time:[2011-07-15 ]Hebei Guanlong Agrochemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:53112-28-0 Product spec:95%, 98%
The function mechanism is unique.It can inhibit pathogen to secrete protein, including degrading the level of some hydrolyses,which is related to the infection and making the host-tissue necrosed.It c..
Post Time:[2011-07-15 ]Hebei Guanlong Agrochemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:137-26-8 Product spec:98%/97%
Thiram is a kind of High-effeet, broad and protectireness fungicide in Agricalture.Main use for seed and soil,prevention and cure standing grain smut and of seedling stage disease,also it can use for ..
Post Time:[2011-07-15 ]Hebei Guanlong Agrochemical Co.,Ltd.

Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl ammonium Chloride

CAS:8001-54-5 or 63449-41-2, 139-07-1 Product spec:90%
Benzalkonium Chloride is a kind of cationic surfactant, belonging to nonoxidizing boicide. It can efficiently withhold algae propagation and sludge reproduction. Benzalkonium Chloride also has dispers..
Post Time:[2011-07-12 ]Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


CAS:26172-55-4, 2682-20-4 Product spec:99%
Isothiazolinones is composed of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone (CMI) and 2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone (MI). The bactericidal effect of Isothiazolinones is carried out through breaking the b..
Post Time:[2011-07-12 ]Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


CAS:10605-21-7 Product spec:98% TC
Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Absorbed through the roots and green tissues, with translocation acropetally. Control of Septoria, Fusarium, Erysiphe and Pseudocercosporella in..
Post Time:[2011-07-11 ]King Quenson Industry Group Ltd


CAS:38083-17-9 Product spec:99%
Common name: Climbazole Chemical name: 1-(4-clorophenoxy)-3, 3-dimethyl-1-( imidazole-1-yl)-2-butanone Cas NO.: 38083-17-9 Molecular formula: C15H17ClN2O2 Molecular weight: 29..
Post Time:[2011-07-08 ]Yancheng Wanxiang Chemical Co., Ltd.


CAS:35691-65-7 Product spec:95%, 98% Technical
Brod-spectum microbicide against fungi, bacteria and algae. Suitable for fruits, vegetables, cotton, melons and horticultural plants. Applied by foliage spray, seed treatment and bottom application. ..
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