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CAS:77-06-5 Product spec:20%
It is Brown viscous liquid, pH4-5, and contain gibberellin 0.3-0.8%, BFA15-20%, amino acid 8-10%, nucleic acid and biological activity acid 5-10% and is a high active promotion growth agent. It can pr..


CAS:576-26-1 Product spec:99.50 % Min
Visual Appearance : White to pale yellow crystal 2,6 Xylenol by G.C. : 99.50 % Min Moisture by KF. : 0.10 % Max Melting Point : 44-46 ºC Boiling Point : 202ºC Packing : 200 Kgs Net Type..
Post Time:[2011-01-12 ]Deepak Novochem Technologies Ltd.


CAS:87-62-7 Product spec:99.00 % Min
Visual Appearance : Clear Colourless to reddish Brown Liquid 2,6-Xylidine by G.C. : 99.00 % Min Moisture by KF. : 0.20 % Max Melting Point : 10-11ºC Boiling Point : 217ºC Packing : 200 Kgs..
Post Time:[2011-01-12 ]Deepak Novochem Technologies Ltd.

o-Ethyl S,S-diphenyl phosphorodithioate

CAS:o-Ethyl S,S-diphenyl phosphorodithioate Product spec:--
Character: Yellow or light brown liquid b.p.:154℃1.33Pa Density:1.23 (20℃) Refractive Index:n22D 1.61
Post Time:[2011-01-10 ]DanYang HaiShun Chemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:71751-41-2 Product spec:95%
White or light yellow crystalline powder. Freely soluble in ethyl acetate, acetone and trichloromethane. Slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol. Practically insoluble in water.


CAS:9012-76-4 Product spec:5%
For foliage spray: Dilution by 1:600 For soaking seeds: Dilution by 1:800 For watering root: Dilution by 1:1000
Post Time:[2010-12-08 ]Beijing KINGBO BIOTECH Co., Ltd.


CAS:484-12-8 Product spec:0.4%
highly bioactive plant-derived fungicide; low toxicity and friendly to environment.
Post Time:[2010-12-08 ]Beijing KINGBO BIOTECH Co., Ltd.


CAS:633-65-8 Product spec:0.5%
highly bioactive plant-derived bactericide (control bacteria); low toxicity and friendly to environment.
Post Time:[2010-12-08 ]Beijing KINGBO BIOTECH Co., Ltd.


CAS:10004-44-1 Product spec:99%TC,96%TC,97%TC,70%WP,80% WP ,70% SP ,30% SL, 8%SL,15%SL,15%AS
The product is a fungicide with excellent efficacy,fumigating force and low toxicity. It's a soil disinfectant effective to the damping off rice which lead to by pythium and sickle bacteriemia. At the..


CAS:106325-08-0 Product spec:--
M.F.: C17H13CIFN3O Mol Wt: 329.8 Form (appearance): Composition:: Material is the 2R,3S- 2S,3R- enantiomer pair. Colourless crystals. M.P.: 136.2℃ V.P.: 0.01 mPa at 20℃ S.G...
Post Time:[2010-11-19 ]Coline Chemicals (Nantong) Co.,Ltd.