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Special liquid resin for industrial coating

CAS: Product spec:liquid
4-1 Special liquid resin for industrial coating Acrylic Polyol Resins Model Solid content(%) Hydroxyl valueOH% Viscosity(25℃ mpa.s) Acid valuemgKOHg Solvent Features Applications E2050 52±1 2.0 1..

Xanthan Gum

CAS: Product spec:API/FOOD
1.Xanthan gum oil drilling grade is an industrial xanthan gum biopolymer. 2.Used as viscosifier in oilfield drilling, workover and completion fluids. 3.It is a high molecular weight polysaccharide. ..
Post Time:[2020-09-16 ]Jvian International Group Limited


CAS: Product spec:PAC-LV/PAC-HV
1.High degree of substitution, good uniformity of substitution. 2.High transparency. 3.Viscosity and water loss can be controlled. 4.Suitable for fresh water, sea water saturated brine brine slurry..
Post Time:[2020-09-16 ]Jvian International Group Limited

Calcium Chloride

CAS:10043-52-4 Product spec:Main Content: 94%-95% /Main Content: 74%
Calcium Chloride, It is a typical ionic halide with white, hard chips or particles at room temperature. It is common application include saltwater road ice melting and desiccant for refrigeration equi..
Post Time:[2020-09-16 ]Jvian International Group Limited


CAS: Product spec:Oil Drilling Grade/Cementing Grade
1.Hydroxyethyl Cellulose is a nonionic cellulose derivative that dissolves readily in water, either cold or hot. 2.HEC thickening agent can be used as oil well workover fluid and cementing agent. 3...
Post Time:[2020-09-16 ]Jvian International Group Limited

Magnesium Chloride

CAS:7786-30-3 Product spec:Main Content:46%/Main Content:99%
1.Metallurgy: adhesives used to make refractories and to build furnace arms, as well as raw materials for making no.2 flux and smelting magnesium. 2.Chemical industry: mainly used in the production o..
Post Time:[2020-09-16 ]Jvian International Group Limited


CAS:98-01-1 Product spec:98.5%
It is transparent liquid with light yellow to amber and odor of bitter almond. It’s color gradually become deep until to brown in storage. It is produced from agricultural wastes that contain pentos..

hollow glass microsphere

CAS:65997-17-3 Product spec:Ingredients Soda-lime borosilicate glass
Hollow Glass Microspheres(HGMs)also known as Glass Bubbles, is a kind of micron-sized hollow non-porous microspheres with smooth surface. The main chemical composition is soda-lime borosilicate glass...
Post Time:[2020-06-02 ]Henan Holywell Co., Ltd.

Tolyltriazole Derivative lubricant Metal Deactivator Irgamet 39

CAS:80584-90-3 Product spec:an ashfree Corrosion Inhibitor/Deactivator in lubricants.
Chemical name: N,N-bis(2-ethylhexyl)-ar-methyl-1H-benzotriazole -1-methanamine Chemical structure: Cas No.: 80584-90-380595-740-9 Treat level : 0.05-0.5% Highlights: Light color and low odor Outst..

Methylene-bis-(dibutyldithiocarbamate) lubricant antioxidant

CAS:10254-57-6 Product spec:an ashfree Antioxidant and EP-AW additive
Chemical name: Methylene-bis-(dibutyldithiocarbamate) Chemical structure: Cas No.: 10254-57-6 Treat level : Antioxidant:0.2-1.0% EPAW additive:1.0-5.0% Highlights: Light color and low odor Excell..
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